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this is going to be locked for a variety of reasons:

  1. this is essentially propaganda/an extremely biased opinion piece
  2. it uncritically adopts the framing of Elise Stefanik when she is neither a good faith actor generally, nor asking questions about "calling for the genocide of the Jews" in good faith. it's very clear she just means "pro-Palestinian demonstrators" when she talks about people "calling for genocide" and that's stupid.
  3. it's just not a good article, generally. there are plenty of other, better articles that can be used as a vessel to talk about Israel-Palestine (including ones that have a pro-Israeli voice)
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MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — The parent company of Instagram and Facebook has sued the Federal Trade Commission in an attempt to stop the agency from reopening a 2020 privacy settlement with the company that would prohibit it from profiting from data it collects on users under 18.

In a lawsuit filed late Wednesday in federal court in Washington, D.C., Meta Platforms Inc. said it is challenging “the structurally unconstitutional authority exercised by the FTC” in reopening the privacy agreement.

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Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, who said their study was the largest of its kind, said they found no evidence to support “popular ideas that certain groups are more at risk” from the technology.

However, Andrew Przybylski, professor at the institute—part of the University of Oxford—said that the data necessary to establish a causal connection was “absent” without more cooperation from tech companies. If apps do harm mental health, only the companies that build them have the user data that could prove it, he said.

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Scientists have spent 18 years looking for the elusive Cross Seamount beaked whale—a potentially new species they’ve heard but never seen.

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Plastic Waste in the Fuel Tank? (solar.lowtechmagazine.com)
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Consumer societies produce enough plastic waste to power at least 10% of motorized road traffic. Dutch designer Gijs Schalkx grabbed the opportunity and now drives his car on the plastic waste he collects.

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Six months later, we can see that the effects of leaving Twitter have been negligible. A memo circulated to NPR staff says traffic has dropped by only a single percentage point as a result of leaving Twitter, now officially renamed X, though traffic from the platform was small already and accounted for just under two percent of traffic before the posting stopped. (NPR declined an interview request but shared the memo and other information). While NPR’s main account had 8.7 million followers and the politics account had just under three million, “the platform’s algorithm updates made it increasingly challenging to reach active users; you often saw a near-immediate drop-off in engagement after tweeting and users rarely left the platform,” the memo says.

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Cool so I respond to an antisemite saying that Israel refusing to supply power to a state that just declared war on it is punitive, and your response was to say it’s Israel’s fault.

i mean, yeah. Netanyahu is saying he's going to basically reduce Gaza to rubble when 99% of Gazans are innocents and can't leave Gaza because Israel is blockading them. Israeli bombs have killed far more innocents than actual terrorists in the Strip as seen in my citation. this is the exact behavior that allows Hamas to thrive. Israel, as a state, has the power to not do this and to seek more productive options—but does it anyways because it simply doesn't care about the humanity of Palestinians and considers all of them acceptable collateral damage in killing Hamas members.

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the primary reason Hamas has political power and the political support to attack Israel in this manner is because Israel:

  • treats all Palestinians as second-class citizens and subjects them to a system of political, social, and economic apartheid
  • holds millions of Palestinians in squalid and inhuman conditions, and seizes the territory of millions more in the name of a violent settler project
  • subjects the vast majority of Palestinians to state-sponsored discrimination, terror, indiscriminate bombing, and political violence
  • leaves Palestinians no feasible democratic path to the rights they should have in their current state or the state of Israel, making armed struggle inevitable

you can and should condemn Hamas, but it is inarguable that Israel routinely does worse—overwhelmingly to people just as innocent as the ones Hamas is murdering—which is what makes attacks like this inevitable. you cannot do what Israel does and not expect the outcome to be violence, and it is incumbent on Israel, who holds all the actual power in this dynamic, to break the cycle and stop using every terrorist attack perpetuated against it as an excuse to roll innocent heads.

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i can only presume the remaining 5% is owned by NFTs Georg, who lives on the blockchain and is an outlier who should not have been counted

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Instead of contributing to a project where only dessalines, lionirdeadman and nutomic dictate what gets approved, why not make a fork with the settings most people agree on?

rest assured: our admin here has basically no say over the project's priorities, and we've also been fighting tooth and nail like the person you're quoting to get anything productive done (including priorities we think are vital to the project's long term success like better mod tools). cc: @Lionir@beehaw.org and @Penguincoder@beehaw.org for more details on that.

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There’s really nothing weird, petty or childish. You get a warning (suspension?) if you don’t fix the problem, you get defederated.

the issue here is not that i'm telling them to not do things--i don't care what they do or don't do. what i'm pointing out here is that people probably find this really stupid because it has an identical structure to and is similarly frivolous looking to a 16-year-old making a 10 page callout post against an artist for drawing problematic height gap

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To me it looks like fragile egos are all around, and somehow get “offended” when defederation happens.

i would imagine most people's issue here is this seems to be more "extremely petty schoolhouse drama" than "actual thing worth defederating over", especially when mastodon has better and more granular defederation tools at its disposal than lemmy or calckey

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this is the latest in a series of abrasive, unproductive, and generally uninteresting driveby comments from you--i think it's time for a week off.

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