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Android tablets are devices that I don't know a lot about. I've seen plenty of them around, but I haven't seen many people actually use them, but I've seen plenty of iPads and sometimes Surfaces out in the wild. Many large Android manufacturers have tried, like Samsung and Huawei, but reception to them seems lurkwarm at best.

Tablets, to me, are more of media consumption devices than productivity devices. So, I guess the questions of the week would be, what is your experiences with Android tablets, and what are some features you are looking for in an Android tablet to make it worth buying?

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Haven't done these in a while, so let's get started.

  1. Since we haven't really heard any feedback one way or the other, rule 8 is now official. To be fair, we've had a lot less microblog posts than I expected (only one Twitter/X post in the last month even after I waited longer than the initial 1-2 weeks expected, and that was a crosspost.)
  • Again, the rules are always a work in progress, feel free to give your two cents here whenever you like.
  1. As you guys know, PipedLinkBot went completely insane 2 days ago and looks like it's temporarily shut down. So, I'd like to use this opportunity to explain why I banned the bot pretty much immediately after our community reopened. (And gloat a bit, of course)
  • Even though I do agree with the principle of using open source, privacy focused frontend instead of using Youtube directly, I have a real problem with using a bot to respond every time somebody posts a Youtube link. It feels like spam, and it doesn't feel like it serves any utility besides pushing an agenda (even though many people here would agree with it). Most people have seen it around here enough to use pipedvideo if they wanted it to use it already.

  • I think it's always been a rage inducing part of the reddit experience that you see you received a response to your comment, but only have it been a bot smugly correcting your grammar or tell you all your letters are in order or something useless like that. So, for this place, I would like to make sure that everyone you talk to here is a real person as much as possible, because people inspire people to be greater, but bots don't.

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I didn't really notice till now, and searching around I see lots of complaints in various communities for different apps.

Turns out it's intended behavior in Android 14. The only persistent thing about it is that they don't disappear when you hit "clear all", which is something I never do because I dismiss the ones I need to instead of nuking everything.

Feels like a big step backwards and I don't understand the reasoning behind it. It was always possible to dismiss persistent ones if we really needed to (long tap etc)

Is there any workaround to get it back?

Unnecessary backstory:

I use a notification creation app to leave important TODOs as pinned notifications so I see them when I check my phone.

I've missed some and I thought I was setting them wrong. Turns out the notifications can be dismissed accidentally, making the app useless.

My use case isn't that important, I can find some other workflow. But there are other more important apps like blood sugar monitors and home security/alert apps that use persistent notifs for functionality.

Buying china only phones (lemmy.dbzer0.com)

Hey. I was just looking for curiosity the official china xiaomi store. And I saw the Redmi Note 13 Pro+, it seems to be a great phone with 12gb of RAM and 512GB of storage, 200MP camera (I know that doesn't determine how good the photos will be) for just 2099 yuans which is approximately 250€, and I was wondering, is it even possible to buy this china only phones for such a great price and import them to europe?

The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ is actually more "westernized" than the rest of the K70 series (the name that it recieves in china) as it even has a western name and I swear I have seen youtube channels who have this phone. (Though if this is doable and someone wants to try, if you look at the K70 Pro you will see an option for 24GB of RAM and 1TB of storage for 4099 yuans which is an amazing price for those specs).

I know aliexpress exists and I was able to find the phone but for prices a bit higher and the best price I was able to find was on alibaba for around 210€, I would consider buying on aliexpress but unless someone convinces me of the contrary I wouldn't buy on Alibaba.

Beeper Mini is down (lemmy.world)

Well it was a fun few days but beeper mini is down. Someone supposedly affiliated with the project said on reddit it was on Beeper's end but people testing it say Apple has blocked something.

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What is a free and preferably open-source way to automatically move files from one folder to another on android?

My case: Basically my Camera app doesn't allow for me to set where to store the captured photos, so I have to move them each time. How can I automate this?

I want to make all files that appear in one folder, (/DCIM/Photography_Pro/) moved to (/DCIM/Camera/).

Solved by suggested app in comments; Media Merger on fdroid!

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All of a sudden, Amazon search has popped up on the right click contextual menu for me. Haven't seen it before today. I can't find a way to remove it either; I'd prefer not to be reminded every time I try to copy something that I can buy Travis County district court on Amazon. I use the app a lot because of Amazon lockers as well as shopping at an Amazon fresh store. So deleting it (which would presumably remove it) really isn't a great choice for me.

Anyone else encountering this? Any solutions? Thanks for any help.

EDIT: After some great comments, I decided to reininstall/reboot and that seemed to have gotten rid of it. TBD if it comes back though. Would still like to know if it's possible to adjust that menu. Some apps I use are hidden behind the overflow menu, which would be cool if I could reorganize. Thanks!

SUPA EDIT: Did some more sleuthing and may have found an answer. As I commented here, try putting your app in deep sleep. While it kills all background activity, I think it also stops apps from displaying the problem app's menu button.

Simple Mobile alts? (lemmy.world)

Just wondering what anyone might be moving to after the news broke?

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Does anyone know any call recorder that works well on Android 12? I have tried several but the one that seems to work the most is Cube ACR, which because Google changed the Android policies is no longer possible to work as it used to, and in my case I can hear my own voice in calls and not the other person's, which in my use case makes it useless.



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The mastodon thread has suggested replacements.


submitted 4 days ago* (last edited 2 days ago) by Scrollone@feddit.it to c/android@lemmy.world

We all saw in the news that Simple Mobile Tools got acquired by ZipoApps and they started filling up the free apps with ads.

Luckily, being those apps open source, a new fork has been created.

It's called Fossify. They forked all the apps on GitHub and they have a new maintainer.

Now we just need to wait for their first official release and then... we need to spread the word and make people switch from the old SMT apps to Fossify!

submitted 3 days ago by brokenlcd@feddit.it to c/android@lemmy.world

The only one that know is obtainium, but from what i understood it only fetches the latest version of an app and it doesn't even check if it gets installed correctly.

I'm also i'm concerned about the safety of the apks; i know that trusting the f droid repo isn't any safer than trusting the builds from the dev, but it would be nice to know if there is any way to check other than checking the code by hand.

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Nothing makes sense. It's been oversimplified to the point where it's been dumbed down to its core.

submitted 5 days ago* (last edited 5 days ago) by GutsBerserk@lemmy.world to c/android@lemmy.world

Since simple mobile tools will soon become a spyware and I use 3 of their apps regularly, yesterday I installed F-Droid after reading many Lemmy recommendations.

Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised.

A new app I've tested is Spotube (Spotify open source alternative; edit: apparently it uses Spotify metadata but it streams from YouTube. My bad.).

Any other underrated app y'all recommend?

submitted 4 days ago* (last edited 3 days ago) by Pantherina@feddit.de to c/android@lemmy.world

I want to install native alpha plus but cannot purchase it as I don't have Google play services, and cannot build it from source as I don't have access to a computer. If this is not possible, could somebody please help me out and PM me a link to a compiled APK.


I've been wanting to diversify my set of apps for a while now, and the recent purchase of SMT by ZipoApps finally gave me the push to do so.

Right now I've replaced my gallery with Aves, my file manager with Material Files, and my voice recorder with Record You.

And that's about it. I still need a replacement for Simple Dialer and Simple SMS Messenger (Contact You doesn't support MMS and it would be really nice to have MMS support), Simple Calculator, and Simple Notes (looking specifically for an app with a dedicated widget like the one SN has).

Can anyone recommend something for the apps I'm still missing?

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