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I saw this post the other day:

What is the exact meaning of a misogynist person?

I watched it get posted and then a flurry of downvotes immediately followed.

I think people saw the word "misogynist" and didn't bother to interpret what the OP was asking and then just downvoted the post.

The community name does include the word "stupid" in its name so even if you think OP's question was ignorant there's still no need to downvote it because it was posted in the right place. In addition, reading what OP wrote in the header shows that he or she was generally posting for edification reasons and not as a troll.

So, my conclusion is that everyone online is suffering from a case of:

TLDR + trigger word = I know what angle to take in this debate.

What are some other trigger words used in post titles that causes a scenario like this to happen?

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spoilerI very limited as to what computer hardware I have access to in where I live (not the USA), but I managed to get my hands on a used HP Elitedesk 800 G3 SFF and waited months for an AMD FX 6400 Low Profile to arrive. Now I am having trouble with this card.

I know the reviews state that the card can't take advantage of my x16 slot bandwidth, but I expected to be able to use it in that slot, as the x4 slot is right against the power supply, and the card doesn't breathe well at all there, and thermal throttles.

However, when I slot the GPU in the x16 slot, the PC won't POST. I find no settings in the fairly limited BIOS options that would prevent this, and a test Nvidia GT 720 works in the x16 slot just fine.

I'm out of ideas to get this to work. Legacy/UEFI Option ROM settings make none. The port is enabled in the section that toggles availability.

I thought this would be related to my M.2, but the 720 is a x16 lane card, and it works fine in the x16 slot, so now I'm just left scratching my head.

Anyone have experience with this issue? Most results I find on my search terms are for custom builds with more BIOS settings than a business-class HP Elitedesk. That said, my search-fu is not what it once was before my mental illness advanced, and now I can't as easily assimilate information, so it's possible I am missing something right in front of my face.

EDIT: After days of fiddling, I made this post and went back to troubleshooting. It just booted with no problems. Scratching my head, but something I did in passing was the trick. Now to make sure I save these exact settings!

EDIT2: It turns out it was always working, and it is just BIOS/UEFI screens that will not display. This kept me from installing my base OS at all until I moved the GPU to the x4 slot. Since I installed the OS with the GPU in the x4 slot, now it boots to the point where I enter my luks encryption key and I'm good, but it still won't show the BIOS screens. Perhaps I need to enable the legacy Option ROM for video?


Hey all I just came across an emergency situation irl that I felt useless in because of how slowly I was thinking. Basically it was someone getting an epileptic seizure and I had the info in my head for what to do but I did end up freezing a bit before I did anything. Really didn't like it. The person is fine now but if I had reacted faster, we might have been able to prevent a couple problems.

I've been in other emergencies before where I had to call the shots but I guess I want to think faster and keep it consistent at a higher level, and I want to improve on it for future scenarios, but what can I do to do that?


Was just talking at dinner with family, and it seems a logical action to ban circumcision, as in most cases, doesn't have consent, and is a major (genitals are important) body modification. Can we ban it at the state level? Just a thought.


The sun dial worked during daylight, but how did people agree on what time it was at night before clocks were invented?

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In the US it's not crazy for kids maybe as young as 6 to make themselves sandwiches like a PB&J/Ham & Cheese either if parents have an emergency, or to take to lunch for themselves because parents didn't have time. (Or you know, they're neglectful)

So is there a go to food for children to make in other cultures?

EDIT: Sorry for phrasing it like teaching 6 year olds to cook is mainly to help parents. Personal experience of dad going to prison and mom working 12 hour days at early age shined through. So me being taught to cook wasn't "This is a skill that'll be useful as you grow older" but instead was a "Things are going to be rough, and sometimes things won't work out with me being there when I need too, and I want you to be able to be okay in an emergency". So cooked myself food when I was little probably a lot more than others, then when I was a teenager I was cooking dinner for the family a lot.

But makes sense it wasn't the case for others! Still the curious, what other cultures teach their children to cook!


Like distance from the Earth. And do some of them "sit" in one place, like always over North America?


Is there such a thing for lemmy? I've noticed some... Overzealous moderation on lemmy, which annoys me to no end. I want to read the comments naturally, and not just what the power mods (yes, they are here too) deem acceptable.

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How intelligible are Turkish and Azeri? I know they are close enough, but I wonder if it similar to Scottish English vs. American English or farther, more like Spanish vs. Portuguese?

cc @nostupidquestions@lemmy.world


A loud minority of Texans call for Independence, which is not really possible as far as I know, BUT could the Rest of the USA just kick another state (Not necessary Texas) out? Or is this also not possible?


Regarding the two Russian A50 shot down during the Ukraine war, but it would also apply to US style AWACS.

Beside the price-tag of the plane itself, I would expect that the crews operating the radar are also highly trained, and that if it may be even harder to train a crew than to build a new plane.

I know, that something as simple as pulling the big-red handle on your paraglider harness is pretty hard when you're in a severe flight incident dealing with G forces and the ground moving full speed toward you, and I imagine it'll be even harder on a large plane, where you need to access a escape hatch, most likely in a burning and depressurized cabin while having no idea where is up/down due to the G-force and the rotation. However, when flying a plane which like a high value target for the opposing army it would at least feel more comfortable to know that you have a low but non zero chance to escape if you're shot down.


These are the items in question:


On the internet, it is common to call a guy a misogynist, but what is the exact meaning of misogynist? Is it 1. A guy who hates women? Or 2. a guy who thinks men are superior. Or 3. A guy who believes in women should follow traditional norms like cooking. 


Why are all the #peertube instances #defederated from each other?


Has there been drama over there? Is there a functional reason?

Also if you know any good channels, @ them below


I have noticed that some CAPTCHA pages, like Cloudflare's, simply ask you to check a box to proceed. There is no clicking on traffic lights or entering characters. How does clicking on a check box tell them I am not a robot?


What's the point of what they're doing? What are they trying to achieve? Does it really work?


Just learned that a friend of mine always tips 10% on takeout. Ive never tipped on takeout unless they offered me a water/soda while I waited or something.

US biased, but I’m a little curious about other countries as well.


It always wants to ride up the sides of my bed because elastic never wants to hold it in place. When I wash and dry my sheets it inevitably spirals up in the washer and dryer so it never washes or dries properly. Then it’s a pain in the ass to try and fold neatly.

I feel like I’m failing adulthood after being bested by a bedsheet.

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I wake up at 3am to 4am daily as a neighbor makes noise walking their dog. This cannot be helped. Once I am awake, my mind won't stop going over details about everything from the mundane to the critical. Often, I am able to fall asleep again after three or more hours of wakefulness, but only minutes before I have to wake for the day.

Does anyone have success with quieting the mind without substances so that they can fall back to sleep?

Edit: I want to thank you all for the helpful comments. I'm reading through them now and wioo be internalizing some of the suggestions.

To provide more context for those who asked:

I do have ADHD and OCD and Anxiety.
I sleep with a fan and a white noise track (10hrs of non-repeating noise I d/l'd with newpipe). My apartment building has a fire escape that the neighbor uses as their front door. This path means using a heavy steel door on a power hinge. (Slam!) The door is against the wall that my headboard is on. They have every right to use whichever door they like, and I don't know them well enough yet to ask them to change for me. They are trying to be as quiet as they can, other than using the loudest path possible. They seem very nice, and their dog is quiet and well trained.
I'm in the middle of a long period of unemployment and I am beginning to worry about finances, as my savings are about half gone in a year.

Thanks again for all the suggestions! I'll report back with my results in a few days.

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