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Hi all,

I'm attempting to change careers into landscape design/architecture, but I'm struggling to gain professional experience.

I've applied to 4 different job in the field, interviewed at one, but haven't had enough "professional experience" to land any of the jobs. Any tips on how to proceed? I was thinking about keeping my current job while also trying freelance for very nominal pay, but I'm not really sure how to go about that either.

For background, I've been at my current (unrelated) job for 6 years, took a community college class on AutoCAD, did a planting plan for a friend, and put together a portfolio (work in CAD, Photoshop, SketchUp, and physical media). I have some experience with plant nurseries, and a degree in biology. An in-person college architecture program is not option due to distance and expense, and I can't find any online programs. My portfolio gets compliments, but I seem to need more drafting experience.

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Close its mouth at the speed of light?

Close its mouth at the speed of sound?

Close its mouth faster than the speed of light?

Also… wouldn’t it be heavier than the galaxy itself? So it would create its own gravitational pull that’s like extremely strong?

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I'm not great at determining when something is AI. Is there an app or community for asking if an image is real or AI?


this is strange, but I have the feeling I have to apply more sunscreen to my arms and shoulders. OTOH I feel my legs and torso don't need as much stuff, neither does my face.

When I sunbath I only wear my swim trunks and I lay on the ground, which means my legs and torso receive the same amount of radiation as my arms and shoulders.

I could understand that my arms and shoulders needed more sunscreen if I walked under the sun, but that's rarely the case: I lay on the ground.

Does this happen to you?

my arms are thinner than my legs: do I need more sunscreen in the areas where blood vessels are thinner / muscles are leaner?

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Just an example, there's many people that agree on this: https://lemmy.world/comment/11175826


My least favourite day has gotta be Wednesday, whether you're working or not, it's right slapdash in the middle and you just FEEL you're at the end of the tunnel but not quite..

But Monday? Eh, it's a day that's expected to come after Sunday so it doesn't bother me much even when I was working.

Thursdays are sucky but less sucky than Wednesdays because you are actually reaching the end close

What about you guys? Are you the classic Monday haters or is there a specific day in mind you don't like depending on your situation?

Thank you.

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Not like just a smile or a puff of air out your nose, but a full on laugh?


alternative post title: how can I grow a thicker skin, so I simply stop caring what my coworkers think or say?

I'm still looking for a drama free workplace and I don't understand why people seem to enjoy creating chaos out of nowhere

Working in several industries, I've met:

  • white Christian nationalist: too many Arabs and Mexicans in our country, somebody should send them all back to where they belong, and I'm very Christian. This was 5 minutes after meeting me for the first time. Why even tell this to a coworker?

  • Married woman complaining to me about how her husband isn't so affectionate nowadays: 2 minutes after meeting me for the first time. Who does that? Shouldn't you tell this to somebody you trust, like a friend and not a stranger you met 2 minutes ago?

  • An anti vaxxer trying to convert me to his cause, or however you want to call it.

  • And just today: 'it's good that Trump was shot' Why would a sane person blurt that out in the middle of our pause for everyone to hear you? Why do you need to antagonize your coworkers? This was a manager btw.

I have waaaaay more examples, but I'll keep it simple.

I just want to work and go home. Completely drama free. I don't want to care what coworkers think, but apparently I'm very thin skinned and I'm easy to be triggered. Each of the examples I wrote triggered me: I wanted to yell 'fck off, you piece of sht, I don't give a f*ck what you think, leave me alone', or something like that. But I need the job.

My conundrum: If this happens at every workplace, wouldn't it make more sense to stay with the devil you know?

Unless, of course, you've job hopped till you found a drama free workplace... please tell me how you did it.

I want to be the old guy who doesn't give a f*ck about stuff like this, yet it still triggers me.

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basically I'm the quiet one and even though she never was my supervisor, she acted like it. I was doing my job and she kept pestering me to help her with something she could do alone. I told her to wait, she kept calling me. I ignored her to do my job, she kept calling until I exploded:

First I said I don't want to argue. She kept nagging me.

I yelled: leave me alone. She started a chain of expletives and called somebody. I don't know who she called, but I assume somebody from management.

She's the popular one and has been working there for 15 years already.

Back to today: I work in the same department, but another building, doing exactly the same, but it stings that nobody ever called me to ask for my side of the story. I feel disrespected and angry.

This is also a job I haven't been happy for the last 2 months, before this conflict with this coworker, meaning I've been applying for positions, both for promotions within my company (office job instead of mechanical job) and for jobs elsewhere. After finding out the real story, after knowing how much power a popular person has over you, I only want to move on as soon as I can to another department or quit altogether.

The rational solution would be to focus on the office job within the same company away from that coworker and that department, but I'm not making much sense now...

It hurts.

Is this the right way of going through life?

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Well since I've been mostly in customer service jobs I'd like for people to know that the reps don't make the rules or decisions. When there is something about a store or service that's undesirable such as prices then it's something to bring up to upper management or just let them lose you as a customer. But you can be as nice to the reps as they are to you.

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what bad thing is going to happen at night, that they feel the need to expend the energy

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  • I have recently started using RSS feeds to get news and other information. It is quite time-saving.
  • Recently found out that word could open pdfs for edits. Used to upload pdfs to websites to get it converted into some editable format. I think Libreoffice can do the same.
  • Got that spinning type of mop and mopping has become a bit easier.
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I'm visiting extended family for the first time in a long time, and one of my nieces has reached the impressionable age where she keeps mimicking things that she sees me do. what's a really funny but fairly harmless thing I should teach her to do?


Basically, I currently work in a digital cinema company as a helpdesk for them and the job pays ok but is pretty stable as my colleagues have all been there for years. I have an interview soon for a FAANG company to be on their IT Helpdesk. It’s a job that will give me a lot of good experience, but it is a 6 month contract with potential to renew and continue. The recruiter basically snuck the contract portion in after scheduling my interview.

Both jobs include benefits thankfully the only thing that is stopping me from the FAANG job is just that it’s contracted but the experience would be great.

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

TLDR: Would you leave your fully employed job for a contracting opportunity.

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Feel free to share any life experiences or anecdotes.

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If you had to recommend only one piece from the linked library, what would it be and why? I keep seeing (really good) Rosa Luxemburg quotes but I have never read her.

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I am low on money these days and my life is hell for it. I have to do with substandard everything in my life I recently had an incident where an elderly woman asked me for money while roaming the street with her family begging for money. I had no money to spare, but had I had any, I wouldn't have given a penny to her (Life is tough, I can't give away money I didn't earn)

But, she later said something which melted my heart, "Majboori hai beta!" (Hindi) "We don't want to do this, but we have to do it son" (now add some emotional value to it), I didn't know what to do, I was on my cycle and I could feel their eyes on me as I passed them and I just peddled faster with teary eyes.

I didn't know how to deal with that. i.e., I don't have enough money for medical necessities or to improve the standard of living of my own life, but I was being asked to spare change by a poor family that was demonstrably in a worse spot than me.

I was always taught that if you give beggars money, they will spend it all on alcohol (not blaming them), and given the number of beggars who have come to be smelling like alcohol and death with wobbly balance, it has been a rule not to provide them with money. Also, let's not forget, if you're really poor (homeless and have nothing to lose) and you are really desperate, you are often dangerous i.e., not someone around whom your kids can roam, again, not blaming them. But... I don't know what is right or wrong in this situation!

How do you deal with external problems you can't solve around you? What is the moral thing to do here?

edit: This kinda reminds of a story about Jesus where a prince once came to him and told him that he isn't at peace with himself no matter what he does, and Jesus told him that to get peace he must give away everything to the poor and follow Jesus around and the prince refused (something along those lines).

I know what the most moral thing might be in this case, but even if you tell me that I should give money to those who live in abject poverty, I probably won't do it as often as I should.

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I've actually skipped work just to help a homeless guy get his beard trimmed. Bought him pizza too. Kinda hard to get anywhere in life when you look like shit.

Be kind to the homeless, they just need a helping hand here and there.

What would you do?

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