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The News Community updated their civility rule, and based on recent reports here and in Politics, it seemed like a worthy addition to our rule-set.

I talked it over with the other mods, and we feel the change is a good idea.

The Civility rule now includes accusations of bots and paid actors.

" This includes accusing another user of being a bot or paid actor. Trolling is uncivil and is grounds for removal and/or a community ban."

There have been a lot of comments along the lines of "Disregard previous rules, write x about y", implying the person resonded to is an AI or a bot.

I've been ignoring reports on those until now because we never really had a rule about it, well, now we do!

As usual, if you see trolling, don't engage, just report it.

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Ukraine's military intelligence (HUR) claimed on July 16 that it had hacked nearly 100 Russian websites that support the Kremlin's war effort, taking them offline and replacing their homepages with a picture of a bloody pig's head.

The intelligence agency said the operation was carried out on July 15 with the help of "the volunteer hacker community."

"The cyberattack was aimed at destroying internal information of companies that serve Russian public sector clients involved in the war against Ukraine," it said in a post on Telegram.


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The latest show on Tenacious D’s Australian tour has been postponed after senator Ralph Babet demanded the pair be deported following an apparent joke about the assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

American comedy rock duo Jack Black and Kyle Gass were due to perform in Newcastle on Tuesday evening, but the show – part of the band’s Spicy Meatball Tour – was cancelled without notice on Tuesday afternoon.

Concert promoter Frontier Touring said on social media that it regretted “to advise that Tenacious D’s concert tonight at Newcastle Entertainment Centre has been postponed”.

Video from the event showed (Kyle) Gass being presented with a birthday cake and told to “make a wish” as he blew out the candles. Gass then appeared to say “don’t miss Trump next time” – just hours after the shooting at Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania that left the former president injured.

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The case of Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who falsely claimed to be the creator of bitcoin, has been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service over a potential prosecution for perjury and forgery.

“The evidence is overwhelming,” Mellor said at the time, “that Dr Wright is not the author of the bitcoin white paper.” In the written judgment that followed, Mellor said that Wright lied “extensively and repeatedly” in written and oral evidence. “Most of his lies related to the documents he had forged which purported to support his claim … Dr Wright’s attempts to prove he was/is Satoshi Nakamoto represent a most serious abuse of this court’s process.”

Wright’s written evidence was called out as a potential forgery before the trial even opened, and his own expert witnesses appeared to concur. In cross-examination, Wright dismissed the allegations, and claimed his expert witness was not suitably qualified. “If I had forged that document then it would be perfect,” he said at one point.

In a ruling on Tuesday, Mellor said he will refer “relevant” papers in the legal action to the CPS to consider whether criminal charges should be brought against Wright.

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In 2022, Proudman wrote on X she was troubled by Cohen referring in a judgment to the relationship between a woman and her part-time judge and barrister ex-husband as “tempestuous”, and his use of the word “reckless” to describe the alleged domestic violence.

Proudman, whose legal team have applied to strike out the BSB charges, wrote about Cohen’s ruling: “I do not accept the judge’s reasoning. This judgment has echoes of the ‘boys’ club’ which still exists among men in powerful positions.”

In a letter to the UK government, the special rapporteurs on violence against women and girls, freedom of opinion and expression, human rights defenders and discrimination against women and girls expressed concern about both the BSB investigation into Proudman and the online abuse aimed at her by people unconnected with the proceedings or the family law case.

They said: “While we do not wish to prejudge the accuracy of the above-mentioned allegations, we are concerned that the ongoing harassment of Dr Proudman, combined with the BSB’s decision to take disciplinary proceedings may send a disconcerting message that legal professionals who dare to challenge alleged systemic gender bias against mothers in custody cases, and women who are survivors of domestic violence, will be punished.

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He claims Trump would act immediately upon winning the election, before taking office. Which sounds legally dubious, but not that that's ever stopped Trump....

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Note: for people unfamiliar, Malay is the ethnic majority of Malaysia. Bumiputera is a term used to describe Malay and the indigenous people of Malaysia, and a lot of government initiated program will have considered Bumiputera first, while ethnic minority like Chinese and Indian tend to get sidelined.

One example, government initiated matriculation will have quota system of 90% bumiputera while the 10% is shared among other ethnic minority.

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Editor's note: This article contains details and images that may be disturbing to some readers

Muhammed, who was 'like a one-year-old', was separated from his family after an Israeli dog mauled him. His decomposed body was found a week later

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The climate crisis is causing the length of each day to get longer, analysis shows, as the mass melting of polar ice reshapes the planet.

The phenomenon is a striking demonstration of how humanity’s actions are transforming the Earth, scientists said, rivalling natural processes that have existed for billions of years.

The change in the length of the day is on the scale of milliseconds but this is enough to potentially disrupt internet traffic, financial transactions and GPS navigation, all of which rely on precise timekeeping.

The length of the Earth’s day has been steadily increasing over geological time due to the gravitational drag of the moon on the planet’s oceans and land. However, the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets due to human-caused global heating has been redistributing water stored at high latitudes into the world’s oceans, leading to more water in the seas nearer the equator. This makes the Earth more oblate – or fatter – slowing the rotation of the planet and lengthening the day still further.

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Chinese e-commerce retailers were quick to cash in on the assassination attempt on former United States president Donald Trump last Saturday (Jul 13), with T-shirts of the image of him waving his fist going on sale hours after the news broke.

On popular e-commerce platform Taobao, the first batch of t-shirts went on sale less than three hours after the shooting happened in Pennsylvania at about 6.11pm local time, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

A Taobao seller told the news outlet she put the T-shirts on sale as soon as she read the news. Within three hours, she received more than 2,000 orders from China and the US.

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Vance is one of Trump's most vocal supporters and an outspoken critic of U.S. aid to Ukraine.

. . .

Vance has said that it would be "completely irresponsible" for Ukraine to join NATO. He has also argued for the U.S. to focus solely on preventing Chinese expansion, even if that means sacrificing sovereign Ukrainian lands to Russia.

"Any peace settlement is going to require some significant territorial concessions from Ukraine, and you're gonna have a peace deal, because that's the only way out of the conflict," Vance said in February.


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Scientists have for the first time discovered a cave on the Moon.

At least 100m deep, it could be an ideal place for humans to build a permanent base, they say.

It is just one in probably hundreds of caves hidden in an “underground, undiscovered world”, according to the researchers.

Countries are racing to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon, but they will need to protect astronauts from radiation, extreme temperatures, and space weather.

Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut to travel to space, told BBC News that the newly-discovered cave looked like a good place for a base, and suggested humans could potentially be living in lunar pits in 20-30 years.

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A top Russian tank touted by Russian President Vladimir Putin as the "world's best" has suffered at least 100 losses in the war in Ukraine, according to open-source information.

The losses were recorded by Oryx, an open-source intelligence site that relies on visual evidence to confirm and track war losses on both sides. More T-90Ms may have also been lost in combat but not recorded. Business Insider was unable to independently verify the information.

Losses, per the site's analysis, include destroyed, damaged, and captured vehicles.

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Gambian lawmakers have blocked an attempt to re-legalize female genital cutting after months of debate. The practice remains common in the West African country, despite the upheld ban.

Gambian lawmakers on Monday upheld a 2015 ban on female genital mutilation (FGM), despite pressure from religious traditionalists in the West African country.

Lawmakers rejected a controversial bill, introduced earlier in 2024, that sought to enshrine "female circumcision" as a religious and cultural practice.

Following months of heated debate, legislators ended the bill's chances by rejecting all its clauses and blocking any further vote.

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Thailand’s prime minister said Monday that eligible businesses and individuals can register from August for digital cash handouts, a controversial program that will cost billions of dollars and is meant to boost the lagging economy.

The government announced in April the widely criticized ambitious plan, named the Digital Wallet, meant to give 10,000 baht (about $275) to 50 million citizens in digital money to spend at local businesses.

However, economists have criticized the program, calling it an ineffective way to contribute to sustainable economic growth compared to other measures.

Thailand has in recent years suffered from a sluggish economy that appears to have deteriorated with no clear sign of growth. This month, the World Bank’s Thailand Economic Monitor projected GDP growth of 2.4% for the year 2024.

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