Men dream as male character, women dream as female character how do trans persons dream then? Trans men as men?? Trans women as women??

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Some ideas that came to mind:

  • What if we made a pizza pocket but with jam and peanut butter?
  • You know how Nutella on toast is one of the easiest things to make? What if we made it even easier?
  • You know how people make a cup of tea and forget about it? What if we made a sandwich that worked like this?

Just a silly thought I had when in the shower I wanted to share.

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What they actually mean is rather "these two things are very dissimilar", or "these two things are unequal".

I guess in most situations "cannot be compared" could be replaced by "cannot be equated", with less lingual inaccuracy and still the same message conveyed.

To come to the conclusion that two things are very dissimilar, very unequal, one necessarily has to compare them. So it's rather odd to come up with "cannot be compared" after just literally comparing them.

For example, bikes and cars. We compare them by looking at each's details, and finding any dissimilarities. They have a different amount of wheels. Different propulsion methods. Different price, and so on.

When this list becomes very long, or some details have a major meaning which should not be equated, people say they cannot be compared.

An example with a major meaning difference: Some people say factory farming of animals and the Holocaust are very similar, or something alike. Others disagree, presumably because they feel wether it's humans or animals being treated, the motives or whatnot make a difference big enough that the two should not be ~~compared~~ equated.

Can you follow my thoughts? Are 'dissimilar' or 'unequal' better terms? I'd be especially interested in arguments in favor of 'compared'.

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Hitler? Nah, I'd leave that to you guys.

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Here are 3 examples:
Fried egg, fried rice, fried chicken

All these "fry" are different. If you were to use the "fry" in fried rice to fry an egg, you'd get scrambled egg. Fried chicken is done by submerging it in oil, which you won't do with fried egg or fried rice.

This post is made from the perspective of a Cantonese/Chinese speaker. We have different words for these different types of "fry" (煎, 炒, 炸 respectively)

(Turns out I did post it in the wrong sub and I didn't realize, and now I feel very stupid. Photon UI has once again screwed me over. Got mad for no reason.)


The term literally meant that what ever was stated happened exactly as described without any additional figurative meaning. However, as is normal for human language, the meaning of the term has changed in general conversation. The new meaning is "I am not exaggerating the figurative meaning of this statement." This change is a response to recent exaggerated use of figurative language.

For example, someone may witness a person trip and think that they were going to fall, so they could say, "I saw them trip and shit my pants." They didn't really shit their pants. They weren't even close to it. They were surprised and slightly worried, so the use of shit my pants was an exaggeration of even the figurative meaning. In contrast, someone may correctly use the term in a figurative manner, such as, "When I saw that car run the red light and almost hit us, I was so scared that I literally shit my pants." They don't mean they actually defecated with their pants on, though that could have happened. What they mean is that they were truly scared as opposed to slightly scared. Thus, the term literally means "the exact figurative meaning of".


Even doctor's offices don't do it. I get that it could mean double the trash to empty if you have one both inside and outside, but just for the purposes of public health...

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You will now sing every new limerick you hear for the rest of your life.


I bet it would be delicious


What if we find out one day, it was all an organized game, to screw over the citizens?


If you haven't heard of it, this island has a population that the world has collectively decided to leave alone, mostly because they have proven, on multiple occasions, that they absolutely do not want visitors. Like, arrow-to-death anyone attempting to land or even visit near their shores.

This probably cannot go on forever... but maybe, it could. Essentially, we are already implementing a 'Prime Directive' of sorts here. Would the 23rd, 24th, ... centuries in Star Trek canon still have this little island on Earth, isolated from not just from Earth's own unified Federation society, but from the greater Federation races? What steps would the Federation and Earth take to maintain their isolation and the ecosystem on which they depend?

Would make for an interesting episode, or at least a cool side-note reference in one :)


But I'm sure a daily 8hr sleep in water isn't something our bodies are ready for. What are probable effects? Can we mitigate them?

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Not actually a shower thought, saw an old document that labeled it air-port. I don't think I would have ever made the connection.

(I've found people can be rude about word breakdowns, but I'm posting it anyway. Be better.)

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So i think everyone who isnt morally corrupt knows trump doesnt need to be reelected. So everyone needs to get behind biden then name a movement after him that also smears his name.

The biden plan should include an automatic impeachment poll for every office every political vote. That way if there is ever a time a politician doesnt follow through with his promises he can be elected out more promptly.

Yes i did think about our president while showering

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Lab grown meat already exists. The same processes could easily make human meat without harming the human.

I'm fairly certain this will at some point lead to a social media fad of people trying, well, people. It seems like every possible stupid action has already been turned into one at this point https://eu.app.com/story/news/world/2024/03/07/what-is-tiktok-chroming-trend/72879475007/

Onlyfans creators already sell stuff like toenail clippings and bathwater https://kotaku.com/belle-delphine-onlyfans-paypal-pornhub-bath-water-1851491916

Wouldn't be difficult to imagine people buying meat made of their favourite creator. What they do with it is between them and their god.

"Do you really want to eat Bella Thorne's ass? Well, for just $19.99 you can fry up a small part of it!"

They scared now (lazysoci.al)

I was just thinking. In the UK government every cabinet minister, which are those with specific jobs like head of education, or health, also has an opposite "shadow" person from the other main party whose job is to argue with the other. Imagine you had the job of Shadow head of education. Must be an easy job, you just argue with the other guy. But then your party wins the election and things just got real. You got to do the job for serious now.

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