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AI layoffs (sopuli.xyz)
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Considering how SO is killing itself rather quickly, it would be interesting to have a platform with similar structure but taking users interests instead of profit of executives. I am not saying their system is perfect, I have made a post in the past on their meta community regarding how hard it is for new contributors to start. I remember hearing about an alternative but after searching for it, I couldn't find anything.

Does anyone know such platform?

Edit: After I posted I came across Codidact. I will try using it! Feel free to post other alternatives though!


Does anyone know, or can anyone guess, the business case for predictive text? On phone apps, it is often incredibly difficult to turn off. Why is that, do you think? (The examples I have recent experience with are Facebook and Outlook mobile apps.)

I would have thought that, for AI training purposes, they would want humans typing things and not just regurgitating canned responses. But apparently not?


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I need to help auditing a project from another team.
I got the pointers on what's expected to be checked, but I don't have like templates for documents for what's expected from an audit report which also means I'm not sure what's the usual process to conduct an internal audit.
I mean I might as well read the whole repo, but maybe that's too much?

Any help or pointers on what I need to investigate to get started would be great!

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Hello everyone, I have an idea to make a map with fog of war, when you walk you explore new areas and points of interest but you can't see unexplored areas. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, what is your opinion?


One thing that pretty consistently drops me out of the flow state is having to dig through documentation for whatever I'm trying to use, or even worse having to dig through its source code because the documentation is either nonexistent or eg. plain wrong

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Raphael Kabo's personal website and writing on programming, poetry, and academia.

Qt 6.7 released (www.qt.io)
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Qt 6.7 is out with lots of large and small improvements for all of us who like to have fun when building modern applications and user experiences. Several additions are released as technology previews, and we are looking forward to your feedback so that we can get everything ready for the next LTS release!


I have a script that duplicates a Word doc template and renames each using a csv file with a list of names. What would be the equivalent code if instead of a csv file I use a text file?

Import-csv ‘.\individuals2.csv’ | foreach-object {
	$newname = ‘2 ‘ + $_.name + '.docx’
	Copy-item '.\template.docx' $newname
Decision logs (vitonsky.net)
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This project was interesting. Recently, I've been digging into the functional programming paradigm. This is one of my first tries at it. I've been doing OOP until recently, but this project really was impressive to me. The whole implementation took about nine hours. Functional programming is much less convoluted. I spent more time programming than deciding on a good name for a certain identifier.

Not only is functional programming more efficient, but I can also see that it's much less tedious to write automated tests for. I only have to take care of the local scope of the function I am writing a test for; there is no need to deal with the parent's inherited mess or even any parent's mere state. I just have to write the test for the function.

I have scraped the Cambridge Dictionary to collect the data.

The project is licensed under MIT at:




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Ran into this on HN and had to share it. I love esolangs with "surprising" source representations

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Think of a similar scope of change to a large codebase you're familiar with, for frame of reference.


Hello! I'll try to explain what I'm looking for: I sometimes have to write simple web pages (not just text, also buttons and video players and so on), but I really really hate writing html code. What I'm used to is QML, which I like a lot, because of the ease of placing objects exactly where I need using the anchors and the Layout objects. What I'm looking for is a language or something with a similar syntax, that can then be "built" to plain HTML/CSS/JS. Is there something like this? I know I can compile Qt/QML for webassembly, but I'm having huge amounts of problems, and also I'd like to have the possibility to have a plain HTML result, not necessary bind to the server side.

thanks in advance!!


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I've written a basic media player using Python, PyGTK, and GStreamer. However, I've found a bug that I'm having trouble finding a fix to.

In this program, opening a video launches a second window, in which the video is played back. If I close said window, however, the control window freezes and I get the following error:

gst-resource-error-quark: Output window was closed (3) ../sys/xvimage/xvimagesink.c(586): gst_xv_image_sink_handle_xevents (): /GstPlayBin:player/GstPlaySink:playsink/GstBin:vbin/GstXvImageSink:xvimagesink0

The source code can be found here.

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? Or is this perhaps a bug in one of the libraries?


Subverting Betteridge's law of headlines. Yes.

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Not mine.

"Part 1" is this, it's also linked to in the body.

I really wonder what happened:

Update (21 August 2023): I did continue my investigation, but I have decided not to publish the results. Please do not continue to email me about this.

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I'm digging into the world of #FOSS #opensource and would like to help with existing projects. My programming chops are not sharp yet, but I'm a detail-oriented communicator who knows a bit about user testing.

How do I find projects on GitHub, GitLab, or other sites that need this kind of help? The machines I would be testing on are a potato desktop running Pop_OS Linux and an Android phone. Thanks in advance!

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