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I am a phone scroller and social media reader and a YouTube watcher. My phone and by extension my Google account are my mobile office. I regret having to buy an Apple Mac Mini but I am not giving up Logic as my DAW. I got away from overpriced Samsung devices a few years ago and have a fairly bloat-free Motorola. Now I want to dump the Google ecosystem. I intend to download all of my pics and files from Drive and the Google cloud. I am not so tech savvy that I can install APKs or switch to Linux, and I'd like to watch video streamers that aren't saturated in developer links (seriously, why do y'all do this?...just put one simple link to "Developer Info" or something and put all the other links there). I want to use and enjoy the net like any idiot would but without being The Product. I am Lemmy over Reddit (though you both ban me from subs with equal ferver); MeWe over Facebook (though MeWe is moving towards an unprivate model now); Mastodon over Xittstain. I have a ProtonMail account, but mainly for registrations...I have had a Gmail account since Earthlink took a nosedive.

What/who else is out there for me to frequent and replace all the corporatist models?in the past I tried Minds (all Nazis all the time!) and Ello (socmed for creative types, yet still looks like a shitty 1970's mimeographed zine). I also spent a couple of years at one called MyBetzCo that started out okay but died because none of the members would make public posts for interacting with others.

What do you recommend for private/decentralizwd clouds, socmeds or media sites?

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Democrats urge tech companies to contain abortion misinformation::House Democrats on Thursday called on Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk to push back on the “rapid spread of abortion misinformation and disinformation,” with the lawmakers saying people are being discouraged from receiving abortion services due to “bad medical advice.” The Democratic representatives on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee said the misinformation and disinformation…

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Cop28: China ‘would like to see agreement to substitute renewables for fossil fuels’::But country’s climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, would not say whether it would support phase-out wording in climate deal

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OpenAI says it is investigating reports ChatGPT has become ‘lazy’::OpenAI says it is investigating complaints about ChatGPT having become “lazy”.

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Apple Just Confirmed Governments Are Spying on People’s Phones With Push Notifications::A U.S. senator warned that governments are spying on push notification data in a letter, which Apple confirmed.

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Today we're looking at an ion milling machine. This instrument accelerates argon particles to high velocities and then slam them into your sample, acting as an atomic sandblaster. The sample is slowly etched due to the transfer of kinetic energy from the argon gas molecules. It can etch literally any material, even diamond!

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Apple Computer Check Signed by Steve Jobs Sells for $46,000::A check signed by former Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs sold for $46,063 at auction this week. Issued by "Apple Computer Company" in...

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This scary AI recognizes passwords by the sound of your typing::British researchers have trained an artificial intelligence to recognize keystrokes by sound. A smartphone placed near a laptop served as the microphone.

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USA Will Invest in High-Speed ​​Train to Fight Climate Change::The USA Will Invest in High-Speed ​​Train to Fight Climate Change - US President Joe Biden announced in a speech on December 9, 2023 that they are carrying out the first high-speed train projects in US history. These projects are across America

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DNA companies should receive the death penalty for getting hacked | TechCrunch::Personal data is the new gold. The recent 23andMe data breach is a stark reminder of a chilling reality -- our most intimate, personal information might

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Warns of $1.3 billion charge for cutting Virtzilla's costs, rapid shift to subs and sales of the whole vStack rather than individual pieces

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Google announces April 2024 shutdown date for Google Podcasts::Does this mean YouTube Podcasts is ready for prime time?

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The ability to change features, prices, and availability of things you've already paid for is a powerful temptation to corporations.


The Foundation supports challenges to laws in Texas and Florida that jeopardize Wikipedia's community-led governance model and the right to freedom of expression.

An amicus brief, also known as a “friend-of-the-court” brief, is a document filed by individuals or organizations who are not part of a lawsuit, but who have an interest in the outcome of the case and want to raise awareness about their concerns. The Wikimedia Foundation’s amicus brief calls upon the Supreme Court to strike down laws passed in 2021 by Texas and Florida state legislatures. Texas House Bill 20 and Florida Senate Bill 7072 prohibit website operators from banning users or removing speech and content based on the viewpoints and opinions of the users in question.

“These laws expose residents of Florida and Texas who edit Wikipedia to lawsuits by people who disagree with their work,” said Stephen LaPorte, General Counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation. “For over twenty years, a community of volunteers from around the world have designed, debated, and deployed a range of content moderation policies to ensure the information on Wikipedia is reliable and neutral. We urge the Supreme Court to rule in favor of NetChoice to protect Wikipedia’s unique model of community-led governance, as well as the free expression rights of the encyclopedia’s dedicated editors.”

“The quality of Wikipedia as an online encyclopedia depends entirely on the ability of volunteers to develop and enforce nuanced rules for well-sourced, encyclopedic content,” said Rebecca MacKinnon, Vice President of Global Advocacy at the Wikimedia Foundation. “Without the discretion to make editorial decisions in line with established policies around verifiability and neutrality, Wikipedia would be overwhelmed with opinions, conspiracies, and irrelevant information that would jeopardize the project’s reason for existing.”

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