For the past few years, I've been running a tech blog focused on the Fediverse. It's evolving into a bonfide news organization.

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  • Celebrating the 16th birthday of the fediverse

  • The European Commission sets up a new fediverse instance

  • bridge between the fediverse and Bluesky has been used to spam Bluesky with pro-Trump messaging

  • Three new products for the ATmosphere by Japanese developers: Video platform Bluemotion, Blogging with WhiteWind, and audio spaces with Bluecast.

  • Fediverse share button - https://stefanbohacek.com/project/fediverse-sharing-button/


EPISODE 70 - https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-ep-70/

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The Verge and 404 Media are building out new functions that would allow them to distribute posts on their sites and on federated platforms – like Threads, Mastodon and Bluesky – at the same time. Replies to those posts on those platforms become comments on their sites.

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Vivaldi (the web browser) is hosting a community talk together with AllThingsTech about "Why does being on the Fediverse matter to us?". You can listen along to it via. https://audon.space/u/@Vivaldi@social.vivaldi.net.

They start on the 25th of May, 13:00 EDT / 17:00 UTC.


FediVision is an annual music competition in the spirit of Eurovision. This year probably had the biggest turnout ever: 72 entries from a variety of artists and musicians, and you can listen to all of them!


We dug into Mastodon's new US-based non-profit entity, and checked out who their board members are, and what they've accomplished in the past.

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In the end I don’t think internet users in rich powerful countries are the users most likely to benefit and invest their time into in the fediverse. They might be the ones with the most free time, money and privilege around computers which makes being on the leading edge of niche technologies far easier, but I don’t think using the fediverse vs commercial social media is thattt crucial of a difference for most (add a million qualifiers here except if you are black, queer, trans etc… I am talking in relative terms here) livimg inside the borders of colonial powers like the US, France, Germany etc..

Speaking as a hetero white dude who grew up with a decent amount of privilege the fediverse isn’t for the countless versions of me living within the borders of colonial powers…

It might have been programmers living within the borders of colonial powers that did most of the labor to create the fediverse, and most of the early users might have come from within colonial powers but I think it is important to recognize that the gift that the fediverse represents to the world is the capacity to empower people living outside the borders of colonial powers to own and run their own social networks instead of having some random Facebook employee who doesn’t have the time or basic knowledge of a country to make major decisions about what news accounts to moderate as dangerous spam and what to allow.

From a 30,000 foot view, speaking in broad terms and specific values and priorities, what do you think are the best strategies for flipping the script on the fediverse being mostly a tool used by people within the borders of colonial powers to one used by without and within?

I wonder about the capacities of fediverse software being useful as a compliment to HOT open street mapping type initiatives in the wake of disasters and just in general?

(Are server costs just generally cheaper/easier in colonial countries to run or is it purely a money and time thing? I don’t really know)

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I made the choice to migrate from Reddit to Lemmy because the R had become a disaster. I'm getting more and more interested in Peertube because I don't like it when a company like YouTube isn't independent but linked to big G. But why Mastodon? Why would people want to migrate to Mastodon where the whole point is to chat with people, except there's no one there?

I mean, to me, Mastodon is like a huge Discord server. Did you really take the step to be fully integrated into Fedivers, because X poses problems in terms of privacy, or simply because you want to support free and open source software? I wanted to know your opinion on this for the people on Mastodon.


Is Google signaling the end of the open web? That’s some of the concern raised by its new embrace of AI. While most of the fears about AI may be overblown, this one could be legit. But it doesn’t mean that we need to accept it.

These days, there is certainly a lot of hype and nonsense about artificial intelligence and the ways that it can impact all kinds of industries and businesses. Last week at Google IO, Google made it clear that they’re moving forward with what it calls “AI overviews,” in which Google’s own Gemini AI tech will try to generate answers at the top of search pages.


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Federation issues between the sociale.network instance and newsie.social


HI @TheAdmin
I noticed that there are problems between the instance sociale.network and our instance.

When someone on a social network sends me a message I don't receive it and I can't search for messages even using the message handle

We did some tests with @informapirata who also has @pirati 's account and in fact nothing works

It doesn't seem to me that the two instances are mutually blocked or muted


I'm asking because it is really difficult to find a place for discussing accessibility in Fediverse posts beyond the limits of any one Fediverse server application.

I'm looking for something

  • in the Fediverse
  • with technology that supports discussions
  • where users know the Fediverse beyond whatever software that particular place is running on
  • where users know something about how and why to make Fediverse posts accessible for e.g. blind users
  • where users take this topic seriously instead of seeing it as a gimmick
  • where it's likely enough for someone to reply to posts

Mastodon takes accessibility very seriously. But Mastodon users never look beyond Mastodon. Every other Mastodon user doesn't even know that the Fediverse is more than only Mastodon. Most of those who do have no idea what the rest of the Fediverse is like, including what it can do that Mastodon can't, and what it can't do that Mastodon can. Many Mastodon users even reject the Fediverse outside Mastodon, and be it because it "refuses" to fully adopt Mastodon's culture and throw its own cultures overboard. This would include using features that Mastodon doesn't have. You're easily being muted or blocked upon first strike if you dare to post more than 500 characters at once.

I myself am mostly on Hubzilla. Not only is Hubzilla vastly more powerful than Mastodon, it is also vastly different, and being older than Mastodon as well, it had grown its own culture before Mastodon came along. Still, three out of four Mastodon users have never even heard of the existence of Hubzilla, and many who do are likely to think it's basically Mastodon with a higher character count, extra stuff glued on and a clunky UI.

If you try to discuss Fediverse accessibility on Mastodon, you end up only discussing Mastodon accessibility with exactly zero regards, understanding or interest for what the rest of the Fediverse is like.

Besides, Mastodon has no good support for conversations and no real concept of threads. It is impossible to follow a discussion thread or to even only know that there have been new replies without having been mentioned in these replies. Thus, any attempt at discussing something on Mastodon is futile.

Hubzilla itself is great for discussions. It even has had groups/forums as a feature from the very beginning. In practice, however, it has precious few forums. The same applies to (streams) even more.

Discussing Fediverse accessibility is completely futile on both. They don't "do accessibility". To their users, alt-text is some fad that was invented on Mastodon, and Hubzilla and (streams) don't do Mastodon crap, full stop. In fact, their users hate Mastodon with a passion for deliberately, intentionally being so limited and trying to push its own limitations, its proprietary, non-standard solutions and its culture upon the rest of the Fediverse. At the same time, they don't really know that much about Mastodon, and they aren't interested in it.

Most of this applies to Friendica as well, but Hubzilla and (streams) users sometimes go as far as disabling ActivityPub altogether to keep Mastodon and the other ActivityPub-based microblogging projects out, and they don't care if Friendica ends up collateral damage. They hate the non-nomadic majority of the Fediverse that much.

If you try to discuss Fediverse accessibility on Hubzilla, nobody would know what you're even talking about, and nobody would want to know because they take it for another stupid Mastodon fad. They probably don't even understand why I accept connection requests from Mastodon in the first place.

Here on Lemmy, I've seen a number of dedicated accessibility communities. But they seem to be only about accessibility on the greater Web and in real life and not a bit about accessibility in the Fediverse specifically. I'm not even sure if Lemmy itself "does accessibility" in any way. And I'm not sure how aware Lemmy is of the Fediverse beyond Lemmy, /kbin and Mastodon.

Besides, these communities aren't much more than the admin posting stuff and nobody ever replying. So I guess trying to actually discuss something there is completely useless. If I post a question, I'll probably never get a reply.

The reason why I'm asking here first is because this community is actually active enough for people to reply to posts. But I'm not sure if it's good for discussing super-specific details about making non-Threadiverse Fediverse posts accessible.


Does anyone know of any instances on Lemmy or Mastadon that focus only on positive news?

I’m trying to reduce social media usage in general but when I do use it I would prefer to be able to explore uplifting things only.

I know I can block negative stuff but I also like going an exploring communities I’m not interested in subscribing. It would be great to have a local feed that’s better for mental health.


is there any alternatives to plume and writefreely in fediverse? plume has some problems and writefreely is so minimal.

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Created using feedback from https://lemmy.cafe/post/4823550. Maybe this can be useful.

Transcript: See something off? Do your part to keep the Lemmy community safe:

R - Read the rules of the community.
E - Explain your report, including rule # when possible.
P - Provide context the mods should know.
O - Opt-out, disengage, downvote or block. Don't add to the drama.
R - Reach out or report right away. *For extremely time-sensitive content (CSAM, gore) DM an admin via Matrix: Instance homepage > Sidebar > click admin's @username > Send Secure Message
T - Trust your instincts. If in doubt, report it.

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With recent events hilighting the value of quality moderation, it got me to consider: How can we help you out?

What steps, considerations, encouragements or warnings would you give the userbase regarding best practices for using the report feature (or other interraction with mods)? Reporting less, reporting more, putting more detail in the form, or just leaving it blank?

I was thinking of maybe putting together a psa-style infographic (a la think before you post) if the answers you give are poignant or significantly unknown to the average user.


Bridgy Fed's Bluesky integration is now in beta, and makes it possible to connect your account from the Fediverse to Bluesky, and vice versa.

There's still some quirks, and every bridged account has to opt in to it, but it's a promising moment for people that want to communicate across networks.

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Lemmy subscribe to post (sh.itjust.works)

Is there a way to subscribe to a post/comment of others to get notifications for new comments? If it’s currently not available, is it being worked on?

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