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[-] DjMeas@lemm.ee 318 points 6 months ago

I still wear a mask when going out to stores because I'm immunocompromised due to a kidney transplant. It's ultimately up to me to protect myself from others but what bothers me most lately are people who either laugh or think I'm stupid for still wearing a mask. Some even go as far as to call me out and shame me for it. Can people just mind their own business? I'm not trying to get them to wear a mask so why are they so fixated on me taking mine off?

[-] library_napper@monyet.cc 122 points 6 months ago

I still wear a mask because I stand in soldiartiy with folks like you.

Not only do I want to prevent the spread of the disease that could kill immune compromised folks like yourself, but it also helps normalize mask wearing.

[-] AntiOutsideAktion@hexbear.net 44 points 6 months ago

Finally a fucking cool person picard-pointing

[-] Iraglassceiling@hexbear.net 43 points 6 months ago

Sincerely and from the bottom of my immunosuppressed heart: thank you.

Seriously thank you, thank you, thank you.

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[-] Blake@feddit.uk 91 points 6 months ago

Genuinely, I think it's probably because they feel a little guilty when they see you wearing one, and that's uncomfortable for people, so they respond by taking it out on you.

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[-] Polar@lemmy.ca 69 points 6 months ago

Same. I never stopped wearing a mask because I'm immunocompromised from my lung transplant. People call me names all the time. Even here on Lemmy.

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[-] RootBeerGuy@discuss.tchncs.de 61 points 6 months ago

To distract themselves from their own problems.

[-] Frank@hexbear.net 37 points 6 months ago

It's real bad. Fun fact: I am very big, and I've worn straight up gas masks at some points during the pandemic, and no one has ever said anything to me. Plague rats are real brave as long as they're pretty confidant there won't be consequences. It's gross.

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[-] macabrett@hexbear.net 154 points 6 months ago

I want to share my experience as a disabled person, because I think it's very easy to simply not notice our non-existance:

I don't exist anymore. I'm a hermit. It's been years since I've done anything in public. I go to the rheumatologist, I go to a lab to get blood tests, and once a year I get an x-ray to make sure I don't have TB. I don't do anything else. There's about a two week period where being outside isn't some unbearably high or low temperature that exacerbates my condition.

Please care about covid. Just, please. Do it for people like me if that helps you, but mostly do it for yourself. This virus can make you like me and it's miserable (I was sick before Covid, but Covid is known to trigger autoimmune conditions which are the primary cause of my suffering).

[-] MDKAOD@lemmy.ml 56 points 6 months ago

Covid is known to trigger autoimmune conditions

*waves* Hi, I'm new here. Recent owner of (currently) 12 different autoimmune markers. 😭

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[-] CaptainHowdy@lemm.ee 152 points 6 months ago

But fuck it, let's all just return to the office anyways. Amirite? SMH

[-] Misconduct@startrek.website 77 points 6 months ago

Well yeah. If we don't the landowners will lose money on all their ugly and useless office buildings and that would be sooo awful :(

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[-] MaxPower@feddit.de 130 points 6 months ago* (last edited 6 months ago)

The lesson I'm learning is that we should have worn masks during "flu season" all along. In crowded and poorly ventilated spaces at least. It's a cheap and easy measure and I don't know what the BFD is with masks.

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[-] MJBrune@beehaw.org 115 points 6 months ago

I didn't know lemmy was full of anti maskers. Wear a mask ffs. You should have kn95s or n95s. They work and prevent all sorts of illness. Even a regular mask works better than nothing. They did plenty of studies.

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[-] cyclohexane@lemmy.ml 108 points 6 months ago

Our track record dealing with covid shows us that our approach was largely unsuccessful. Masking must be enforced, not suggested. This is the only effective solution.

[-] socsa@lemmy.ml 41 points 6 months ago

I tend to agree, but realistically who is going to enforce it? You've got to take into consideration the impact the constant stream of conflict has on low level employees who end up responsible for this enforcement. For those who want to protect themselves, N95 masks are highly effective when used properly.

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[-] DogMuffins@discuss.tchncs.de 39 points 6 months ago

People were such dimwits about it though. Even if you had a security guard at the entrance to every shop challenging people to wear properly fitted n95s, I'm certain heaps of people would remove it after they walked past just on principle.

[-] AntiOutsideAktion@hexbear.net 56 points 6 months ago

The American culture is uniquely garbage because of the unique history of having a frontier for self serving pieces of shit to murder a patch of land empty for themselves and assert their right to tell everyone to fuck off. When the frontier was exhausted the homestead became the small business. When the small businesses were absorbed, "you can't tell me what to do" became having a big truck and eating hamburgers with the motivation of spite.

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[-] whiskeypickle@lemmy.ml 91 points 6 months ago* (last edited 6 months ago)

it’s interesting to see how common it is for people in NYC to still wear them sometimes, especially when on the subway (the air is shitty, so it makes sense).

I doubt it will be much of a problem here, except for those who always refused. yeah, it sucks, but it’s a lot better than getting sick— or dying.

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[-] chrisjaen28@lemm.ee 88 points 6 months ago

covid or no covid, its not the worse thing to wear masks and stay safe!

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[-] Outdoor_Catgirl@hexbear.net 83 points 6 months ago

Zero chance anyone does this

[-] AntiOutsideAktion@hexbear.net 41 points 6 months ago

I still see an occasional grocery worker but the foretold future where I was the last one has come

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[-] MrShankles@reddthat.com 81 points 6 months ago* (last edited 6 months ago)

Wear a Mask. Get vaccinated. Stop spreading misinformation

Since the anti-mask/vax comments seem to be flooding in, figured I'd make my opinion known too... as obnoxiously as I can, because apparently that's how it's done

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[-] UlyssesT@hexbear.net 78 points 6 months ago

scientists warn

Fucking nothing will be done, then. agony-4horsemen

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[-] sharedburdens@hexbear.net 65 points 6 months ago

I got a bunch of KN95 masks and P100 filters half off at a value store recently, its so cool being the only person not getting covid every 6 months


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[-] Aliveelectricwire@hexbear.net 64 points 6 months ago

Love being immunocompromised knowing I am just meat for the capitalist grinder

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[-] cmrn@lemmy.world 63 points 6 months ago

This post made me realize how completely ignorant to covid I’ve become lately… I had to check the date to see if it was current or years old.

[-] UnicodeHamSic@hexbear.net 62 points 6 months ago

There was a moment in my life where I was optimistic about masks. I pictured a cyberpunk future we didn't get sick as much and had a cool new fashion accessory we could have fun with. It is wild how capitlaism couldn't even resist the power of covid

[-] Duamerthrax@lemmy.ml 42 points 6 months ago

Covid has taught me that we will not do enough, then complain that we did too much. I am not optimistic about things if this new strain is as bad as the first ones.

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[-] harpuajim@lemmy.ml 56 points 6 months ago

Unless the strain is killing a sizable amount of people getting it it'll be hard to get people to wear masks en masse again.

[-] cyclohexane@lemmy.ml 64 points 6 months ago

Even if it kills (which it likely will), our track record shows that didn't care enough about that, and in a decreasing manner. So it'll only be worse.

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[-] ThereRisesARedStar@hexbear.net 51 points 6 months ago* (last edited 6 months ago)

Wait, you all weren't wearing masks still?


Give a shit about your fellow humans and yourself.

[-] Frank@hexbear.net 39 points 6 months ago


Wearing masks before it was cool

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[-] avidamoeba@lemmy.ca 46 points 6 months ago

I keep wearing N95s. Haven't gotten COVID yet and not feeling like playing the Long COVID roulette. I don't work 9-5 in an office so I don't even have to wear a mask for very long periods of time. Buses, stores require it, but there's plenty to do outside anyway. Patios are fine. Need to take a leak? Put the mask on. No one from my circle has caught it yet. Honestly this protocol isn't that bad.

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[-] circuitfarmer@lemmy.sdf.org 44 points 6 months ago

BuT wHaT aBoUt the ecoNoMy??!!

I mean, we didn't handle any of this well the first time. That goes for most places on the planet. I'm sure we won't handle it well if it really does go south again.

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