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I agree with everything you said, but also it’d be super interesting to cancel the factory farming subsidies and see whole foods flourish. Theoretically this would raise the cost of burgers and lower the cost of vegetables and other healthy products.

I agree it’ll never happen, but it would probably move US closer to European diets.

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Certainly - and there still are those channels that we all love for their dedication. But there are a lot more mediocre channels too

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You bring a great point I hadn’t considered before. Only people with passion for something will do it for free while many more people with so that for cash. Though it’s interesting to see that cash doesn’t make passionate people’s content better it just makes more mediocre content.

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My friend, let me tell you a story during my studies when I had to help someone find a bug in their 1383-line long main() in C… on the other hand I think Ill spare you from the gruesome details, but it took me 30 hours.

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The Test part of TDD isn’t meant to encompass your whole need before developing the application. It’s function-by function based. It also forces you to not have giant functions. Let’s say you’re making a compiler. First you need to parse text. Idk what language structure we are doing yet but first we need to tokenize our steam. You write a test that inputs hello world into your tokenizer then expects two tokens back. You start implementing your tokenizer. Repeat for parser. Then you realize you need to tokenize numbers too. So you go back and make a token test for numbers.

So you don’t need to make all the tests ahead of time. You just expand at the smallest test possible.

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On regular desktop environments I really like Guake - it’s a drop down terminal emulator similar to how old games used to do it. It’s nice for quick use here and there. Though these days I just run tilling wm with xfce-terminal. It gets the job done and still looks good.

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My first thought is Cingular Wireless

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I see your edit but in case you’re interested - a capacitor is technically a 0 resistance battery for DC.

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I miss the times when different phones had character. Even phones of the same company looked completely different:

Now it’s just the same rectangle stretched different ways and maybe different color sides.

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I like the concept of IR blaster but the one I had was in Samsung Galaxy s6 (or 5 don’t remember) and it came paired with a HORRIBLE app that tried to do its darnest to datamine your viewing habits and it’d do push notifications 5 times per day with just crappy ads. I really hate all the ad spam on Samsung phones back then. Idk if that’s still the case

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What was that about him doing twitter’s technology policing and leaving running the company to the new CEO?

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I'm building 90s themed arcade In my shed... but I still want to keep a little workshop area so I'm splitting my shed into 3 rooms including the attic/upstairs.

I've never done construction aside from small things like routing cat6 through the house, so I decided to practice virtually first - I've reconstructed my shed's frame in Blender and added all the lumber that I need to add the second floor. I've also 3d-scanned the current structure and superimposed it in blender so it was a bit easier to see if what I'm doing is sane at all.

Bonus: 3dscan video:

I have a laserdisc collection with a few CRT TVs, Pentium 3 computer with Windows 98, and PlayStation1. I'm also planning on building a few arcade cabinets with emulators.

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I want to start a discussion of MIT vs GPL and see what you all think

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It’s always Star Wars

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