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I was taught the "Weak Standard Grip" ...thanks, I guess? XD

How are y'all holding them?


It looks like a cheap, fuzzy Halloween decoration in the most cheesy way possible, as if someone took the model of a regular boring black bat and recolored it in the "classic" Halloween color scheme to make it look "spooky". If I'd encounter such a creature in a videogame or movie, I'd laugh at the absurdity. It looks so fake.

Nope. They're real.

Instead of big swarms, they usually live alone or in family units of three during part of the year—an adult male and a female and their one offspring. The bright and broken coloration of these bats may be a form of camouflage to protect them, as they have been reported to blend in with dried leaves and flowers when they roost. They're insectivores who hunt at night.

Nature, you're weird sometimes.


... and if you don't know I'm not going to explain it.

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"Goodbye" exists because of 15th century chatspeak. It's a highly abbreviated version of "God be with ye"


... not mine, but it perfectly sums up the current year.

Happy Holidays ♥ (i.imgur.com)

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Coincidence?! (i.imgur.com)

(shamelessly stolen from an imgur dump)

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The heart doesn't care where the adrenaline comes from - the strain on the organ will be the same either way. Anything that makes your pulse and/or blood pressure go up can pose a risk, independendly from whether or not it is "just a game".

..but like others have said already: better ask an actual doctor for advice on how to handle the situation. Maybe "small doeses" will be okay, or you can get a way to monitor your vitals and take a break before you get too worked up, but an actual medical professional should decide that in the end.

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Most reported problems: app (72%) ....well if that ain't a clear statement.

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"You just turned 100 today - what's your secret to a long life?" - No matter what the answer will be, I guarantee you that there are millions of people in the world who do the exact same and still die young. But yeah, of course aunt Margharet only managed to live an entire century because she ate three cans of surströmming every week, no doubt. Genetics, healthcare and lifestyle have nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

Edit/addendum: Weird specific example

Something similar was also my no.1 pet peeve on reddit whenever people argued about how the Blood Moon works in Breath of the Wild. It's an in-game timer of roughly 3 hours, but the game does not tell you about it, nor does it display the timer, and back when the game code wasn't cracked yet, there were a LOT of outrageously weird theories about how to allegedly make the Blood Moon appear.

So you just "made" a BM happen by running straight into a wall for 3 hours? Yes you got a BM, but not "because" you were running into a wall for 3 hours, but because the effing timer was up. The game does not care for WHAT you do in that time.

So you reloaded and ran into a wall again and the BM happened again? It is STILL not because you ran into a wall - you rewinded the effing timer by reloading a save file from before the event you're trying to trigger, and then the timer was up again. (They never bothered to check whether it would happen if they did not try to trigger it with their chosen tactic)

It is really really hard to try and convince these people that they're wrong, because once they're convinced that a specific action yields a specific result, they WILL keep doing it over and over again until it "works" and then see it as proof. But by the same logic you can also throw tomatoes at a wall until it starts to rain and then claim that the rain happened because you just threw 547 tomatoes against a wall. And then you continue to throw tomatoes because it "worked" last time ... and if it doesn't rain then you just didn't throw enough tomatoes yet.

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"Fun" Fact: that chart isn't even a joke - it is actually, factually, pretty accurate. You can get a prison sentence of up to 3 years for that particular gesture.

Gemäß § 86a Absatz 1 und 2 StGB ist es nicht erlaubt, nationalsozialistische Symbole, Grußformeln oder Parolen zu verwenden. Der Hitlergruß wird [...] mit bis zu drei Jahren Freiheitsstrafe geahndet

...on the other hand, it is a wonderful piece of irony that a joke about Germans turns out to be a non-joke in disguise, lol. German humor is no laughing matter, after all!


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Some sellers try to maximise their chances by listing the same item on ebay, amazon, etsy or whatever to reach as many people as possible. It can happen that they sell more items at once than they actually have in stock, so some orders get cancelled / refunded.

I am fairly sure that ebay has rules against it, but people do it anway. Reporting rarely works, and if you got your refund already, then just leave it be.

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I know it is supposed to say "Service Fee" but after reading your comment my brain is unable to read anything other than Service Egg now ....

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Personally, I like the "alpha as in new software" approach: Alpha version = unstable, missing important features, filled with flaws, prone to breakdown and not fit for the public.

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Exactly this. Put any one species into a tiny depressing enclosure with way too many strangers and way too little food, and they will fight and establish a pecking order eventually. This has nothing to do with how the same species would behave in the wild and with enough resources to live comfortably, and the author realized that mistake years ago and is since trying to correct it.

But I guess the entire "alpha male" thing is just too popular with certain people ... ahem.

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sustained level of activity over the last ~3 months

Gee, I wonder what happened roughly 3 months ago that might have led to them picking this exact time frame ...

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the biggest pain in the ass

....that's because they're not meant for that, despite looking... uh ...similar.

Joke aside, that mess sure does look annoying, and it is probably also not easy to replace parts if one of those lines snap or get twisted too much.

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Cats rubbing their face on something leave their scent behind / mark their territory, so yes, in a way they're claiming ownership. However, your cat isn't saying "this item is mine now" with this message, but rather likes to leave its own scent on items that also smell like you, as they associate it with something comforting and safe. It is more like a "this thing smells like my human and I want other cats to know that we belong together" scenario.

As for why the TV remote of all things: you're holding that thing in your hand, and your palms have a lot of special sweat glands that do not react to heat but rather emotions. Humans get sweaty palms when stressed or exited and your cat is basically able to "read" these emotions in items that you held in your hands. If you're relaxed and comfortable while switching through the channels, the TV remote will basically smell like "my favorite human is happy" to your cat. ;)

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