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That would be really awesome of you!

After I've picked two winners, we can have you pick two more and you can send them the codes directly as well.

We can make it the giveaway part 2.

When we get to announcing winners I'll message you!

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It's more like thanks to everyone who has been posting and commenting in the last year and keeping the tone/mood of this place chill, inviting and friendly, which is all I wanted.

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Apparently I hadn't checked in a while, because Steam used to not have digital gifts, I swear! But Yay, I do see they offer gifting digital codes now.

Thanks for the info!

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I just checked and I already had that in my wishlist! Definitely looks cool

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Hey everyone,

We're coming up on a year anniversary (I think) of this community and I thought I'd do some giveaways to celebrate that.

It's semi-annoying that not all game stores have digital gift cards you can purchase so there are a few options here.

  1. Amazon digital gift card: for those of you who buy physical games
  2. Physical Steam gift card: the slowest option, as it requires me to leave my house and buy a stamp and mail something (the horror).
  3. Gifted game directly in Steam / GOG.com

For the gifted games / gift cards it'll be capped at $30 -- after all, we're talking about old games here right? If you want a few games that total up to $30, that's cool too.

I'm going to pick two members at random from those who reply here as the winners.

Just comment with what option you prefer, and ideally tell us about what game you'd like to get (I'd prefer to limit the low-effort comments if we can. I like the discussions people have here so please do try to comment more than just "#1" ).

I'll sticky this post and will leave it open for 2 weeks (end of April is the deadline)

Thanks for keeping this community a cool place with good discussions!

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This has definitely been the case with me as well. Especially as I got older and had less time to play anything.

I've always been partial to story over mechanics though. I just think the preference has tilted much further in favor of story games now.

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This is not a post that fits what this sub is about. Going to remove it now, sorry.

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Agreed. I've been trying not to be too micromanaging here but this seems like something I should just delete as it doesn't fit the community topic.

What do you guys think?

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This seems to be a bit more general gaming news and less a good fit for patient gamers.

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Thanks for the tip! $6 is too good to pass up. Just purchased it!

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This was a really cool thing to do. Thanks for sharing with the community!

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Wow that's an amazing run you've given that kindle! I used to have that one as well, years ago.

If you are sticking in the Amazon/Kindle world, then a new Kindle (whether you go with the base Kindle or the Paperwhite) you'll have a much faster experience for sure. The newer eink readers now can do several page turns without any real visual flash of the refresh. It's a small thing but very nice.

The Paperwhite has a backlight which is helpful for night reading. You'll also get dark mode in the new software (not sure if your keyboard kindle has stayed up to date with software updates or not). Also there's waterproofing.

The base kindle just loses the light and the waterproofing.

If you're not going to stick with Amazon, take a look at the Kobo readers. They're a great alternative to people not stuck in the Amazon world.

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It's only been 2 weeks since starting this community up but I do love how active it has been.

Lemmy was very much a ghost town for me when I first signed up and couldn't find any communities to match the ones that filled my feed on reddit.

Now I see a healthy amount of activity in this and other communities that have sprung up recently.

Really cool to see people starting threads and offering the nuanced discussions on games here--which is really the stuff I was hoping would happen.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted and commented and contributed to making this community alive.

Keep it up!

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Anything good?

I'm hoping to get some time to play Return of the Obra Dinn if I could get any significant amount of time blocked off to game.

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I saw the recent API charge news with Reddit and saw that people were discussing alternatives to Reddit in the event we all have to abandon it.

Joined Lemmy here and noticed one of my favorite subreddits had no Lemmy equivalent — so I created it.

I have no desire to be a mod, so if anyone wants to take on that role just let me know.

I’m just hoping people do post here if they’re checking Lemmy out and seeing what’s available community-wise.

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