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That's exactly my setup. Openwrt + stubby + DoT. Which points to an external AdguardHome + unbound. Wireguard is also used.

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It takes so long because I wasn't aware for example that my ISP (the only available in my destination) only accepts their own routers or fritzbox. So I had to send back some cheap routers which aren't usable.

Getting knowledge about hidden bridge mode was a time eater too.

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Nice list, I would add routers (not everywhere). But for example here in Germany you get a device from your ISP for free but don't try to change the DNS settings because your ISP wants to know what you are doing online.

Only alternative is a fritzbox which is highly overpriced for a simple router+modem. >200€ for a cablerouter.

I had to buy a used fritzbox, need to nearly hacked them for activating the deactivated bridge-mode and put a cheap Asus router on it with flashed openwrt.

I needed 6 months for the whole setup.

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Phosh is definitely more polished and an attempt to make gtk mobile friendly. I actually prefer gnome-mobile for testing purposes. It's exactly like gnome-desktop and apps are opened each in an workspace, which is an impressive solution. It also needs more resources, and its not recommended for the first pinephone.

I know about Geary. But it's not the same as a complete Thunderbird install. There I can use my smime/openpgp certs and tags are also synchronised.

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Okay I did.

Can someone pay the bail?

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Edit: Damn, I missed the option to put star trek in second panel, shame on me.

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Or it still got old. I think its all of them.

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Paperless was my docker training program. I did so many mistakes and end up losing my database 3 times. My fourth try, runs smooth and I backup everything regularly. Actually 1.300 documents.

After indexing everything, I learned loving the archive feature. Docs I scanned, and don't want to trash in real got a number in paperless and the same number in the paper folder.

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I think Linux phones needs more time. My dream would be a phone I can plug into a docking station and work on where I stopped. Most platforms gave this dream up. But Linux is on it's way to do it. It's actually possible, thx to gtk4, libadwaita etc.

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I have a "braveheart" pinephone (one of the first ones) and I just use it to play around with it's features, do distrohopping etc.)

Most of the time i used an arch build with phosh. But actually I highly recommend postmarketOS, the installer is straight forward and let you build whatever you want. Actually I run postmarketOS edge with encrypted f2fs and gnome-mobile on it. gnome-mobile works better on newer phones but it is still usable.

I prefer my grapheneOS phone because it is faster has more apps, apps are scaled correctly etc. Not too much battery drain...

PS. I managed to run Thunderbird usable on pinephone, I just play around with the look&feel and now I simply have just the mail cards and I am able to interact with it without too much scaling issues.

[-] Samsy@lemmy.ml 21 points 4 days ago

Well it is stable, but it lacks most of today's I would call it "comfort-usability" but the main features are definitely working.

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Phosh, gnome-mobile, plasma, sxmo or "unity"?

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Sometimes I can understand this struggle. For example let's play a game. There is this app from e-foundation "Blisslauncher" it's the default of eOS. And since I like it but don't use eOS I want to download the apk from their gitlab page.


So tell me, where is the latest release apk?

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I want setup stubby with a QUIC resolver for testing purposes. My resolver is an external AdguardHome install on a VPS with certs for DoH, DoT and DoQ.

Actually everything works with a DoT setup, and some research told me to replace "TLS" parts with "QUIC".

config stubby 'global'
       option manual '0'
       option trigger 'wan'
       # option triggerdelay '2'
       list dns_transport 'GETDNS_TRANSPORT_QUIC'
       option tls_authentication '1'
       option tls_query_padding_blocksize '128'
       # option tls_connection_retries '2'
       # option tls_backoff_time '3600'
       # option timeout '5000'
       # option dnssec_return_status '0'
       option appdata_dir '/var/lib/stubby'
       # option trust_anchors_backoff_time 2500
       # option dnssec_trust_anchors '/var/lib/stubby/getdns-root.key'
       option edns_client_subnet_private '1'
       option idle_timeout '10000'
       option round_robin_upstreams '1'
       list listen_address ''
       list listen_address '0::1@5453'
       # option log_level '7'
       # option command_line_arguments ''
       # option tls_cipher_list 'EECDH+AESGCM:EECDH+CHACHA20'
       # option tls_ciphersuites 'TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384:TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256:TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256'
       option tls_min_version '1.2'
       # option tls_max_version '1.3'

# Upstream resolvers are specified using 'resolver' sections.
config resolver
       option address 'vps-ip'
       option quic_auth_name 'my.vpsdomain.com'
       option quic_port 853

But this conf doesn't work. Does someone got something like this to work?

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Since yesterday, the really cool fork of openboard with active development and support of adding a swype library manually, got rebranded into Heliboard. A release on izzyondroidrepo and fdroid should be coming soon.

PS. If you are using the old fork you have to remove it first and do a backup of your settings.

Here we go (lemmy.ml)
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No regret. (lemmy.ml)
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Love to be here

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Next evolution, just a one line bash script.

Go for it ben (lemmy.ml)
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