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I don't mean services like MOOCs, but rather platforms that go in-depth into tech stacks and related technologies like how Laracasts focuses on PHP and its ecosystem. It could be about any language or technology.

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If it's actual work that suits my experience and not some pitch to buy their product, then it'd be a nice foot in the door. We'll see how this goes.

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Thank you! I knew there was something, but I wasn't sure what.

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Thanks for sharing this. I really need to listen to that podcast more.

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Exactly the same company. The fact that all of their glassdoor reviews are from India made me rethink if I should follow through. We'll see how it goes, but making a blacklist sounds pretty dope, so that's a nice new goal.


Preamble: I'm sure there's a better community to ask this question, comment below if you're aware of it.

Okay, for background I'm a bootcamp student, I'm still learning, but I'm almost done. I've been tweaking my LinkedIn as I go, trying to be more attractive for recruiters in the future. Well, last week I was contacted by a recruiter, and asked if I was interested in job opportunities. I did some brief research, and it looks like an actual company on Glassdoor. Anyway, I sent over my resume, and was on a call for maybe 5 minutes. We talk for a bit, and she asked me how I am in interviews and my experience. I tell her that I've been "technically" freelance, but I haven't done anything because of starting cost, but she seemed to ignore that concern. Towards the end of the call I asked her if this would be with her company, and she said yes, and then I said bye.

Now, the problem is that this company is specifically for interview prep, and helping students get hired at other companies. While she said I'd be with her company, I'm concerned that I'm trying to be sold something here. The company is called GigaMe, and there is barely anything online about them.

So, my overall question would be, "what would you do?" Or, what should I expect? I don't think i should get my hopes up, but any advice would help.

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For some reason in middle school I tried it and, for obvious reasons, couldn't figure it out. Then in 2012-2014 Reddit kept telling everyone to learn Python. I failed that and kept trying randomly for 10 years. I've only recently begun making progress in web dev, which is deliberately avoided because of Reddit language opinions.

Ignoring all of that, I really like text editors for some reason, and I'm on a journey to make some. I still haven't made any, but it's a goal.

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They're completely separate. I've heard that they're working on ways to fix this issue, though.

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Question: How long does it take to get the proverbial ball rolling on Upwork? I used it for a month and spent $200+ and wasn't able to get any work.

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I've used it to help me understand some code concepts and debugging, but over the last two weeks, it went from competent to completely stupid half of the time. It also fails to connect so often, it's unreal.

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Thank you ๐Ÿ™

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If you still have any, I'd appreciate one.


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