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It is possible to estimate?

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[-] sudo22@lemmy.world 464 points 5 months ago

Not sure but add 1 to the count.

[-] thejml@lemm.ee 191 points 5 months ago

Same here. Haven’t been back since Apollo shutdown.

Honestly at this point, I’m not sure I’m missing out. Lemmy has been great so far and it’s only getting better.

[-] sudo22@lemmy.world 71 points 5 months ago

Hey a fellow ex-Apollo user. Yeah I basically made an ultimatum with myself that I'd never try another Reddit app, if Apollo dies I'm gone.

[-] KLISHDFSDF@lemmy.ml 34 points 5 months ago

I've gone back and my main feed is mostly posts about women asking for their "rating", weird af. don't miss it at all with lemmy and all the alternatives available.

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[-] ImplyingImplications@lemmy.ca 227 points 5 months ago

There are dozens of us. DOZENS!

[-] MxM111@kbin.social 31 points 5 months ago
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[-] Sho@lemmy.world 195 points 5 months ago

Since Reddit is fun was killed I refuse to go back. You don't kill a damn near perfect UI and get to keep my internet traffic.

[-] Spaghetti_Hitchens@kbin.social 83 points 5 months ago

RIF was Reddit for me. Now that it's dead, so is Reddit.

[-] pressanykeynow@iusearchlinux.fyi 27 points 5 months ago

Some might say reddit is no longer fun

[-] EtherealMoon@lemmy.world 39 points 5 months ago

I was bitter about RiF but it didn't really sink in that I was not returning until I realized it was all just in bad faith. No point in going back somewhere that doesn't respect third-party apps or its own users. All the developments since then have made that very clear.

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[-] rock_hand@lemmy.world 144 points 5 months ago

My wife and I haven’t been back on since Apollo shutdown. I was/am so pissed about that shit. Fucking assholes.

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[-] Underwaterbob@lemm.ee 138 points 5 months ago

I haven't been back to Reddit since the first day of protests.

Not gonna lie though, I miss it. The niche stuff I went to Reddit for in the first place came here during the drama, but despite an initial push to get some replacement communities going here, they've gone almost completely inactive now.

[-] greenskye@lemm.ee 66 points 5 months ago

Lemmy has been a decent replacement for /r/all browsing, but it's not at all a replacement for most of the subreddits I was actually subscribed to

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[-] CluckN@lemmy.world 43 points 5 months ago

Yeah I love Lemmy but I don’t see it taking off. The separation of federation instances is confusing for new users. There are plenty of communities but they all feel isolated due to the same community existing on multiple instances. There’s a reason why the biggest communities are all Linux/Programming related.

[-] ipkpjersi@lemmy.ml 29 points 5 months ago

I feel like development of Lemmy has slowed the past few weeks too. I've been following plenty of issues on GitHub both on the front-end and back-end, and there just hasn't been any progress on them. It's a shame because Lemmy has so much potential, but I'm with you I just don't think it will take off. With that said, obviously I will keep using it, and I'm not going back to reddit. It's a shame because I really do miss the smaller niche communities on reddit but reddit is dead to me now because the CEO is really quite the dickhead and I refuse to go back.

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[-] theragu40@lemmy.world 27 points 5 months ago

I didn't visit reddit on purpose for two full months. I still don't have the app installed.

I have to admit though I am visiting for game threads now that the NFL has started up. Sports is non-existent on Lemmy. I'm participating in the communities for my teams, but there's like half a dozen of us in each one. It just isn't the same thing and I realized that dicking around in comment sections is a big part of how I enjoy sports these days.

They're still not getting content from me, I'm not going to use their app. But it's hard to keep completely away when there is simply nothing even closer on lemmy or anywhere else.

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[-] StarkillerX42@lemmy.ml 109 points 5 months ago

According to Google trends, the people who left are an insignificantly small number, Reddit has still grown in search popularity over the last year. However, if you've browsed Reddit since the shutdown, you know that this isn't the whole story, engagement and quality are both down.

[-] Corkyskog@sh.itjust.works 36 points 5 months ago

It will take a long time for the numbers to reflect reality. Look at Twitter, it's still chugging along and it's gotten way shittier than reddit has in the same time frame.

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[-] AbyssalChord@feddit.de 85 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

Dropped Reddit and never went back.

Edit: Gotta take the flow and promote !bassment@feddit.de while this post is hot. A community for Bass-Guitar players I've been building since the Reddit blackout. Come join us!

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[-] Hussvin@sh.itjust.works 78 points 5 months ago

Count me in. I do really miss Reddit though and Lemmy is nowhere near as interesting as Reddit. But no one said protesting is easy.

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[-] DeathWearsANecktie@lemm.ee 68 points 5 months ago

I did. To all the people on Reddit who confidently said "you'll be back in a few days" turns out you were very wrong lmao

[-] Pons_Aelius@kbin.social 67 points 5 months ago

Sure it is possible to estimate, but the chance the estimate is any better than a guess is pretty much zero.

The only definite number I have is one.

[-] all-knight-party@kbin.cafe 47 points 5 months ago

And my axe. This is still funny, right?

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[-] butterflyattack@lemmy.world 58 points 5 months ago

I did. Said I'd be leaving when they did the API thing and stuck with it. Missed reddit for a week and then moved on. Sync for Lemmy is fine. Lemmy is quieter but there's also less bullshit.

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[-] pascal@lemm.ee 53 points 5 months ago

I stopped using Reddit on my phone, which was most of my Reddit time, but I still use it on my PC.

On mobile I exclusively browse Lemmy.

I would totally migrate completely to Lemmy, but the general audience here is a bit too... radicalised for me. Sometimes I just want to relax, read some interesting link and interact in the comments.

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[-] cobysev@lemmy.world 52 points 5 months ago

I had been using Relay for Reddit for years, and they didn't shut down like other third party apps, so I made a Lemmy account as a backup plan and then continued using both Lemmy and Reddit for a while.

Then the creator of Relay announced that they couldn't afford to continue service as it was and would be migrating toward a monthly subscription-based service to stay alive. That day, I moved to Lemmy and never went back. As much as I'd love to pay someone else just to stick it to Reddit's CEO, I felt that getting financially invested in a failing website just wasn't worth it in the long run. Besides, Sync for Lemmy had just been released and it was a familiar experience. I had used Sync for Reddit before I discovered Relay for Reddit.

Lemmy (and the fediverse as a whole) is much better than Reddit anyway. There are enough people here to have fresh content every day and I'm still discovering interesting niche subs (magazines? I'm still not sure what they call the categories here). There's also not too many people here, so when I find an interesting topic to comment on (like this one), it's not already 5,000+ comments deep. Nothing more demoralizing than commenting on a popular topic and getting absolutely no reaction from the community. No comments, no upvotes or downvotes. Makes me feel like I wasted my time trying to add my two cents to a conversation, and I tend to delete those comments later.

And if I run out of things to browse on Lemmy... oh well. It keeps me from being stuck on my phone all day. A smaller community means the feed isn't endless, so it keeps me from doom-scrolling all day and night. I much prefer it here, and I'm officially done with Reddit.

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[-] gamingdexter@lemmy.ml 51 points 5 months ago

Said bye bye ever since the blackout, haven't been back. RIP RIF

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[-] Amiyouorme@lemmy.world 46 points 5 months ago

Once RIF was out I haven't looked back.

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[-] Vampiric_Luma@lemmy.ca 44 points 5 months ago

After reading @StarkillerX42@lemmy.ml's comment, I'm not sure if there is a way to estimate.

I do think we can reliably say: Not enough. However, it's pretty cozy here so I don't mind for now.

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[-] Awoo@hexbear.net 43 points 5 months ago

When reddit shut down their api every single subreddit on the site went down in comment activity by 75% or more. Comment activity has only been decreasing in the month since then. Post activity has been in decline as well.

Whether this means people stopped using the site entirely or not is up for debate. But in terms of damage to the community on the site it is the single biggest social media failure I have seen on the web since Digg. Even Musk hasn't damaged Twitter as much as the api change has damaged reddit.

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[-] Crabhands@lemmy.ml 43 points 5 months ago

I'm smart enough to know you're looking for a calculated estimate, yet dumb enough to add "I did it" for you to add to your count. Happy counting!

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[-] nucleative@lemmy.world 43 points 5 months ago

Me. The way the API thing was handled just pissed me off too much to log in or contribute there anymore. I do occasionally load the "old." version of the site up and read some of the specialized communities. I'd been there since the mass migration from Digg.

Lemmy is too slow with new content (my Lemmy frontpage has 2-3+ day old posts) and there are fewer interesting comments to engage.

I do think reddit's frontpage is noticeably worse off now, but I wish there was some metric to see how that looks statistically.

Hopefully Lemmy continues to grow.

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[-] TheCuriousCoder87@lemmy.world 42 points 5 months ago

I don't know what the numbers are but I haven't gone back minus the occasional google search that pulls up a Reddit post in the results. Even then, I use my browser without logging in.

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[-] beveradb@lemm.ee 37 points 5 months ago

Me! I'll still end up on Reddit occasionally from Google searches for stuff but I very much appreciate having a place to mindlessly scroll and read which isn't capitalistic

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[-] 3yiyo3@lemmy.ml 36 points 5 months ago

I've almost completely stoped using Reddit, I only see it if I find it in a web search and it has an answer I'm looking for, this community is amazing, btw.

[-] Geth@lemmy.dbzer0.com 35 points 5 months ago

I just switched from Sync to Sync. The transition was bumpy but I'm still on Sync.

[-] infernalaanger@lemmy.world 35 points 5 months ago

Once sync went down I deleted my account and moved. Haven't been back since.

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[-] Redredme@lemmy.world 34 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

Check. I'm here not there anymore.

But, I do have something to say about the lemmy experience. It's not that there's less. There is but i don't think that an issue.

What I do have an issue with is the insane amount of politically charged posts. It's almost making me return to that other place.

Like I get it, the rich should all die horrible deaths, you're socialist, not communist, you do support freedom just not capitalism.

Aren't we all deep down inside socialists?

I mean jesus started it, we've been spoon fed it for 2k years. It's just that We're all also greedy and egoistic sacks of shit so there are some weaving flaws in that system.

Great. Can we now get back to real content? Let's not talk about politics. Let's talk about world issues, Foss, games, books, movies, news (Libya, morroco) I dunno anything but politics.

Politics and religion never unite. Fun stuff and real tragedy does.

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[-] merridew@feddit.uk 34 points 5 months ago

I quit with the death of RiF.

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[-] thomasb2k@lemm.ee 33 points 5 months ago

I dropped Reddit but my Lemmy usage certainly isn't what my Reddit usage was. I wish more of the websites I frequented had their own forums like the old days.

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[-] kotats@sopuli.xyz 32 points 5 months ago

Hardly use reddit anymore. Won't lie, Lemmy doesn't seem to be anywhere near as rich in content but its a blessing in disguise because I mindlessly scroll less.

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[-] SwedishFool@lemmy.world 31 points 5 months ago

The second I couldn't use RIF I was out of there. Accidentally went there twice or thrice and instantly noped from all the ads.

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[-] miikaroo@lemmy.ml 30 points 5 months ago

I was mostly a lurker so my dropping it didn't have much impact other than deleting a decade old account. If there's niche knowledge or communities I might still look (if it comes up in search results) but the urge to do so voluntarily is gone.

[-] Macallan@lemmy.world 29 points 5 months ago

I left and haven't been back since they killed off 3rd party apps. I was a Sync user on Reddit and now that there's Sync for Lemmy I can't really tell the difference except for some of the content here and there.

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[-] elxeno@lemm.ee 28 points 5 months ago
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[-] josheron@lemmy.world 28 points 5 months ago

That doesn't matter. People look for revenge on numbers and will like to see Reddit burn and fail.

But that is not what is important. You don't need to justify your decision by looking at how much Reddit loses, but if you are happy here in Lemmy.

The same goes if you left Twitter and switched to Mastodon. It's like feeling better if your ex is doing worse after you get apart. Empty satisfaction imo

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[-] xkforce@lemmy.world 27 points 5 months ago

Tbh I dont think that the traffic data Ive seen suggests that there was a long term drop but subjectively the content on a lot of subs has dried up substantially. It seems like people still go there but the actual content being made is just a trickle compared to what it used to be

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[-] Taako_Tuesday@lemmy.ca 26 points 5 months ago

I did! But as for estimates of people, you could probably compare total daily users in like, March to total daily users today, and that eould get you most of the way there

[-] ObviouslyNotBanana@lemmy.world 26 points 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago)

I've not been there since a month before the apps were borked.

I've been looking in when I need info, by searching and ending up there, but I've not looked at Reddit by habit since.

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