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Steam Decks?

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Oh, I'm sure we're all great parents here. I applaud you for admitting a mistake and having the humility to ask for advice, both excellent parenting skills in my opinion.

I believe the answer is always culture. Once better videogames are discovered it's likely that they will hardly go back to the bad ones (so that the problem of prohibitionism - which is only a temporary solution - can be solved).

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There're good alternatives for every app, the only real lost are contacts and dialer, imo.

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I'm loving this app and wanted to share it. Thanks to whoever brought the project back to life.

Trivia: I had been looking for a good app for taking notes and organizing my thoughts for a long time, in addition to this I wanted my notes to be able to be used and edited from a PC via local synchronization via Syncthing. Another fundamental factor is that it had to be both comfortable and easy to use but also capable of being structured. This new version of Orgzly covers pretty much all the points I asked for; and yes, I'm aware that I'm overly enthusiastic about it.

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Steam Machines were more of a collaborative product, not something that Valve really put effort or resources into like Steam Deck. That said, I think a console-PC sold and sponsored primarily by Valve could work.

(After that, I think the initial Steam Machines project - which was imo intelligent - could have some value.)

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This is gold. PeerTube experience is a mess right now, we totally need 2 or 3 big instances like here on Lemmy.

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Yes I also suggest Ardour over other DAWs. :-]

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Looks like it isn't even supported by OpenWrt, can I find a sense to this poor old device in 2023?

Thanks for any suggestion!

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It is possible to estimate?

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I just probably need ~~to buy a fire stick~~ a software with a tv-like UI, where I can use a remote to visit streaming websites in an easiest way.

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My nearest way is using my steam controller but isn't comfy to navigate Netflix or other streaming websites.

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I tend to prefer "file centered" apps, there's some cool one you'd use with Syncthing? My favourite is KeePassDX; I would love a notes app with a 'material you' UI.

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Peertube needs a couple (or more) large instances to be anything to start with. Right now it's no man's land, sadly.

edit: https://lemmy.ml/post/3038208

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Tier list on what I'm using

  • tier-S Arcticons, Droidi-fy, KeePassDX, KISS Launcher, Mull, SimpleX Chat, Syncthing
  • tier-A Element, OpenBoard, Organic Maps, Quillpad, LibreTube, Simple suite, Tusky
  • tier-B Librera Reader, Obtainium, OpenFoodFacts, SeriesGuide, ViMusic
  • tier-C Liftoff, Metro, Read You, Translate You
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"Kept you waiting, huh?"

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And why? Name budget phones also :-)

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