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Yuzu did not pirate the game. Other people did. What did Yuzu do that was illegal?

Did the movie studies sue dvd player makers because people ran pirated movies on them?

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I’m not in the US, so the options I had here were either expensive or didn’t have any reviews.

I’ve been wanting a steamdeck for some time and that is what pushed me to get one.

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Nintendo is basically saying that they are guilty of enabling piracy.

That same argument would paint gun makers as guilty of enabling murder and crime. Nintendo should really be going after rom sharing sites. That’s totally legit, but not the emulation devs.

If they have a fund for legal costs I’ll donate.

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You know why I played the games on yuzu? It’s because the joycons suck and they are expensive to replace.

I did the stick drift repair on my own, but the L and R buttons are soldiered to the main board so it can’t be repaired.

I bought a right joycon on its own and then the next week the left joycon had the same issue.

I wasn’t going to spend about $90 for an unreliable controller when an entire steamdeck costs $500.

It really paints the picture that the controllers are way over priced how can they alone be 20% the cost of the entire steamdeck.

If Nintendo made decent joycons, then I would not be using Yuzu.

Additionally, I dumped my own games and keys, so they got their money and through some effort, I got a better experience.

I’d like to add that the joycons were not heavily used either.

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Thanks! I just downloaded chrome to use for this one off instance. I’m pretty degoogled, but needed to book a flight so I just needed to get it done.

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When I was choosing a return site it kept saying, “oops there was a mistake. It was not your fault. Try again later”.

Their mobile app sucked too, so I installed chrome to see if it would work and it did right away.

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I just had to install chrome to book plane tickets. Kept getting an error on Firefox.

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Haha, that’s kinda funny. Then people are like.

Just tell your friends and family to stop using iMessage. Like everyone will be ok to switch their routine just like that.

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If someone had the Rune version of the game, what do they need to run the updates to get to at least have fsr2 in the game?

Ram in phones? (lemmy.ml)
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I don’t get why Android phones have so much ram.

They often have more ram than my wife’s MacBook and the same or my as my desktop.

How much ram is needed if you’re not gaming or video editing?

In my case, it’s a very occasional picture or video recorded and then just social media apps and web. Do I need to get a phone with 12gb? Or is that just thrown in there for marketing?


I played Resident Evil when I was a child on the starting on the PS1 with Resident Evil 3. I fell in love with this series and played all the games.

I remember playing this game back on GameCube and not liking it so much. I mean, it wasn't a bad game. But it did not feel like Resident Evil to me.

Recently, I played 7 and 8 which where really good. They feel different than Resident Evil, but they were scary and I enjoyed these games a lot. Still not as good as the classics or the RE2 and RE3 remake.

So what is it about Resident Evil 4? Well, it feels like an action game and less a survivor horror game. It was a linear experience of just moving forward. It lost the metroidvania part of RE for the most part.

I know this game is loved by many and I can understand why it is loved. It is a genuinely good game. It just should not be a Resident Evil game.

submitted 2 months ago by M500@lemmy.ml to c/patientgamers@lemmy.ml

Resident Evil 7 I’ve had this game for a while and finally sat down to play it. The game was amazing from start to finish. It legit had scary moments in the game. There were times where my heart was pounding and I was physically stressed walking through the house. The antagonists were really cool as were the boss fights. Fighting the mom was a little annoying, but it wasn’t too bad. This game is like a 10/10.

Resident Evil 8 Right off the bat I have to say this game was more fun, but less frightening. It had a few moments in the first half of the game, but the second half became action packed. I preferred the inventory system of this game and how all the crafting material, key items, and treasures were in a separate inventory. Since ammo was abundant I found myself just rushing areas instead of sneaking through them. While I think this game is better is most regards, I give it a 9/10 as it lost some of the scary stuff that resident evil 7 had. But, if 7 didn’t exist I’d give this a 10/10.

With that being said, I’m just about to fight the final boss of 8. But I have to say that both of these games look amazing on the steam deck. It runs perfectly as well. These games have been so good, that I’ll buy resident evil 4 remake as soon as I finish 8.


I want to play Chrono trigger for the first time. I’ve actually played it a bit years ago, but I have no memory of it and didn’t finish it.

So, what the best way to play it snes emulator? I don’t want to do any rom hack kind of stuff as I was the original experience.

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I was just thinking about why many things on Linux are better. Like the install process on Linux is years ahead of windows.

Then it occurred to me that windows only improves things that can make them money. If you need to install windows, then you can deal with the crappy installer.

Linux devs improve the parts they think need to be better. The decisions are not guided by money and can be made without bias.

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What is wrong with him? I think he legit needs psychiatric help.

Maybe the people who get this rich due so at the cost of their mental health. Maybe it’s not healthy for a single person to hold so much wealth.

Deep down, does he know what he is doing is wrong? Is his Twitter behavior an expression of some negative feelings he can’t cope with?

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Overall the game is OK, but it seems that the environment is kind of boring compared to Metroid Prime 1. But maybe it is just nostalgia. What are your thoughts?

If you agree, do you think they did a better job in Prime 3? I'll play that next.

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I think the ammo for the beam weapons is a bit stressful. I just got them and am wondering if using an infinite ammo cheat will ruin the experience or if it will make the game more enjoyable.

Maybe I will get ammo upgrades and it won’t matter.

What is your opinion on the matter? I don’t mind being stressed if it makes the game more fun overall.

Mac Sales are Down (www.theverge.com)
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Mac sales are down.

I’m really not surprised. They are just a bit too expensive once you start upgrading the storage and ram.

I have been holding out on buying a Mac since the M2 was rumored to come out.

I keep hoping that the base model will have a larger amount of storage and ram, but it does not.

They keep selling faster processors, but I do not need that, I need more storage and I’d like more ram.

At this point, I’m just going to buy a used M1 air. If Apple had 512 and 26 standard on the base air, I’d pickup a new one today.

Do you disagree? What can Apple do to increase Mac sales?

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I decided to play through some of the 3d Zelda games as it’s been years and years.

First, I played through majoras mask as I have not played that since I was a kid when I last played it. I didn’t like it then and I absolutely hated it this time, too. I actually just stopped playing once I got to the moon.

After that I played, ocarina of time. I spent countless hours with this game as a kid and I enjoyed playing it again. I how much I remembered from this game. It’s pretty great and I think it holds up today. I played the ship of harkinian version of it.

I played a bit of link between worlds, the 3ds one and it was OK, but I found some of the puzzles to be a bit too confusing and I got a little frustrated with it once I made it to the dark world. I don’t plan to finish that game. I loved link to the past, but this one was just OK to me.

Before I decided to play these games again, I started with twilight princess. I got past the first temple and made it to kakiriko village. I got busy and put it down, I may pick it back up, but I’m in no rush.

The real reason I wanted to write is… Wind Waker! This game is amazing! I’ve played it on GameCube and the HD version. I forgot how much charm this game has. I used to say that OOT was the best, but I’ve completely flipped. I think WindWaker is the best of the Zelda games.

I’m not including botw and totk in this as they are a much different game. I love those games, but they are hard to compare to classic Zelda due to their differences.

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Well, it’s not a brain dead purchase when $20k doesn’t even register for you.

Got $500,000,000 in the bank? Who cares?

You family has billions and you just have an unlimited alllowance. Who cares.

That’s who this is for.

With that being said, Apple did it for one year and I think it was just a marketing stunt. Everyone talked about it and now people know what an Apple Watch is.

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Just run the company in a way where you don’t really care about maximizing profit. As long as you’re not at a loss and are liked, you will be successful.

Valve could probably be much more profitable at the expense of being a bigger dick, but Gabe is chill.

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I feel like this has been the trend lately.

Company announces something terrible, then they get back lash, then they slightly take a step back and try to pretend to be the good guys.

Like, they knew this would happen all along.

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I played this game as a kid when it released and remembered not liking it very much. I remembered almost nothing about it. I didn’t remember a single boss fight or temple, like it was really wiped from my mind.

I wanted to play through it again because people always talk about how they love this game, but I found it really lacking and annoying at times.

Having to redo things each time you resets time made the game feel more like a chore. I understand that your going back in time, but it did not make for good gameplay.

I made it to the moon, but I’m burnt out at this point and a little under powered. I did not do any of the side quests as having to redo a bunch of stuff sounds terrible. I don’t want to get 3/4th through a side quest only to have to reset time.

Before resetting, I have to deposit money, then reset, then stock up my items again, and redo all the things I need to do to get back to where I was.

I have to admit that it is really original and a cool concept, but it does not work in practice.

I still put oot and wind Waker at the top of the 3d Zelda’s. (Not counting the switch games)

At this point, I’ll boot up oot and play through that again. I vividly remember child links part of the game and a decent amount of adult link. After that, I’ll try the master quest. I remember that being difficult and I never completed it when I was a kid.

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