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I got a reply to a 9.5 year old comment two days ago...

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I don't think they'll delete this. This is their future.

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I can't find it now. The number that I saw was 1.09 million, but I can't find the site I saw it on now. I think a bunch of them must be purged spam accounts maybe.

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I don't think people really understand that reddit is an 18 year old product. Their original site was iterated on for 10 years before they stopped building on it.

Lemmy will get there and beyond. As the fediverse attracts more users, it will also attract more contributors. I'm starting to learn Rust myself in hopes I can contribute to the project at some point down the line.

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Please for anyone reading, just be patient. Keep posting and commenting and it WILL grow. There are only like 1.2 million Lemmy users versus hundreds of millions of redditors.

If you follow the 90-9-1 rule, that leaves very few actual contributors and still Lemmy has a lot of good content daily. Just be patient and it will come.

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What Lemmy needs now more than anything is commenters. If the site is to succeed, it needs robust comment sections.

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I don't generally block anyone on social media. I don't want to block racists and then not be able to report their racism.

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Just saw a post on reddit alternatives and there was a comment inviting users to laguna.chat. I went and checked it out and the trending communities list included, 'jews did 911', 'killnirs', 'hitler was right', and 'Fuck Nirs'. One of the user accounts was u/HangNi***rs.

Hey Laguna Chat, get your shit together.

Edit: markdown defeated me again. I think you can figure out what those words are.

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Is etree.org not still up?

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That ain’t gonna happen.

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I'm trying. It's hard when they keep falling face-first into the pavement on a weekly basis.

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I'm still in the transition phase. I was pretty intertwined with the site so it takes a little time to unwind all of that.

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In the old days, official reddit announcement posts were a little different. Spuds, or another high-level admin would reply to a comment. Dozens of users would then reply with something like "When are you going to ban r/the_donald." The threads were massive and quickly became unwieldy, but they seemed organic.

Once reddit started hiring admins who don't seem to really know what reddit is, I started to notice a new trend. By now it's moved on from a trend to a template or better yet, an archetype.

Here is the archetypal pattern to an official Reddit announcement post in 2023:

  1. Reddit makes an announcement that is downvoted below 20%.
  2. The individual admin making the announcement (sometimes) litters the post with cringe gifs and meme-speak in a ham-fisted attempt to break the ice.
  3. This admin will only be authorized to speak on the topic of the post but will be asked about a range of items.
  4. The admin will answer 4-8 questions, mostly praise or comments with a neutral or positive tone.
  5. The admin replies will mostly be downvoted well into the double digits.
  6. After answering a few questions, often without ever replying to any follow-up questions, the admin vanishes as the thread is overwhelmed with criticism and ridicule.

In a short time, reddit will announce a new contributor program that will use some kind of crypto currency to allow users to pay other users for content. If recent patterns hold, and we all know they will, there will be aspects of this program that are surfaced in the comments of the announcement. These aspects will be alarming or concerning in some way and will highlight ways in which bad actors could exploit the feature. It will be clear that reddit had not considered these items raised by users and did not adequately interact with their userbase prior to the feature announcement to ensure the smoothest possible launch.

Reddit management doesn't seem to fuly understand that the freedom they grant their mods to build and manage their communities -- which is the entire reason that users come to the site so that they can be marketed to -- creates a much higher bar for communication and interaction around site architecture and feature changes with those mods / users. The pattern has been repeating for years: new features are rolled out half-baked, are not highly adopted. Admins are disincentivized to iterate on these features because of the low adoption rates. The feature is then abandoned or deprecated.

The last announcement post on r/modnews by the VP of community was the worst example since 2015 when Victoria was fired. Reddit, inc has done nothing to mitigate the anger, they haven't even apologized, without which no healing could ever happen.

And the next announcement post will be no different...


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I was just browsing a thread on c/nfl looking for new mods. There were multiple 12+ year Redditors there offering to help.

Got me wondering. There are 14,000 of us in this community. How many of us are ten year plus users who have just had enough?

Edit: I didn't expect this post to be as poignant as it became. There are so many of you... I can't reply to everyone. I'm an 11 year user and have modded something like 150 subs over the years. I'm really sad too, but I'm finding that lemmy has most of the content I'm looking for, just needs more comments.

The API was a big blow, but removing awards on past posts and deleting coin balances is really dumb.

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I can’t get into calling subs “magazines”. Communities is much better.

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The hits just keep coming.

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The hits just keep coming.

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Like many of you I'm here because I'm done with reddit. I'm just getting started here and I found a front end for Lemmy that provides the old reddit interface. I like the lemmy.world interface just fine, but old habits are hard to break. I think using Lemmy with this front end will help me spend more time here because of the familiarity.

if you have friends that are having a hard time transitioning over, maybe recommend http://mlmym.org to them.

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