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[-] rcbrk@lemmy.ml 14 points 2 weeks ago

Presiding Judge Bas Boele said there was a possibility the Dutch government could allow the export of F-35 parts to Israel in future, but only on the strict condition they would not be used in military operations in Gaza.

Oh.. That's okay then. /s

[-] Hestia@hexbear.net 6 points 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago)

"Okay, I won't bomb Gaza with them."

Bombs Yemen instead

[-] ARk@lemm.ee 2 points 2 weeks ago
[-] bamboo@lemm.ee 2 points 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago)

Bombs Lebanon

[-] some_guy@lemmy.sdf.org 10 points 2 weeks ago

Fuck Israel.

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