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[-] library_napper@monyet.cc 8 points 7 months ago

On my feed this article appears immediately next to an article that the US bypassed congressional authorization to send more "emergency" ammunition to Israel.

The majority of the people killed by these weapons are civilians. The US is complicit in war crimes.

[-] Sami_Uso@lemmy.world 4 points 7 months ago

We're all just supposed to pretend like Israel isn't the weirdest country on the planet. You'd think the term "religious ethnostate" would say all that needs to be said, but no, somehow seemingly normal, sane people think there is nothing wrong with it and in fact encourage it..

[-] piradianssquared@lemmy.ml 1 points 7 months ago

The US is complicit in war crimes.

Always has been.

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