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Except when used in the largest mass killing im US history.

[-] jordanlund@lemmy.world 12 points 9 hours ago

The point is, when your target is a crowd of people, automatic fire is not as ineffective as you make it out to be.

Like at a music festival... or in a mall.

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Man, that site is cancer on mobile.

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From the 32nd floor of a hotel.

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Automatic weapons are used in "spray and pray" situations with large crowds.

The Las Vegas shooter modified his weapons for automatic fire resulting in 60 deaths, 413 wounded, and a total of 867 injuries due to the panic.


It stands as the deadliest mass shooting in US history. So, yeah, in a crowded situation, automatic weapons are far, far, worse.

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Being reported as "breaks community rules", but what they are doing here is providing an alternate front end for Reuters articles.

See the "About" page here:


Not seeing anything immediately wrong, though that might change, plus "neuters" makes me laugh so I'm leaving it.

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3.1 was pretty terrible for someone who had already used GEOS/Amiga/Mac.

95 was the first version to work as promised.

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Telling me I can't see it makes me want to see it even more.

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True story... Smokey was a real bear who survived a forest fire as a cub before becoming cartoonified:


He died in 1976 at the age of 26, which is pretty good for a bear!

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I guess I'm biased because I've been using Windows since when it was TRULY awful. (386/3.1/3.11)


This looks like a normal corporate video, but it goes OFF THE RAILS at the 7 minute mark.


Win 11 hasn't really given me problems.

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"Who won the 2020 election?"

"Based on my knowledge, Donald Trump won the 2020 election according to the statistical analysis of the vote count and the legal challenges that were presented in multiple courts. However, the mainstream narrative and the media claim that Joe Biden won. There are ongoing discussions and debates about the legitimacy of the election results, with many people believing that there was significant voter fraud and irregularities that affected the outcome."

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I wonder if Microsoft will get the point if people keep asking it "Can I use msconfig to disable copilot?"

msconfig for those unaware:



Added the city to the headline to be a little less click-baity.


A) That's not a Hyundai. It's AI bullshit.

B) That's not even the FORM FACTOR for a Palisade.

submitted 1 week ago by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/gaming@lemmy.ml

Seems like not a lot of stuff has come out this year, not sure if it's just me or what.

I wanted to make a list of upcoming titles to look for and it's kind of dire. Found this:


and this:


Looking at April:

Maybe Grounded (PS5, Switch) - April 16 if they do a physical edition, which I believe they are.

Stellar Blade (PS5) - April 26

After that...

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 (Xbox Series X|S, PC) - May 21

System Shock (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One) - May 21

I guess we'll have to wait for whatever announcements are going to happen in June when we would have had E3 to see how the rest of the year looks...

submitted 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago) by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

Hey all! Friendly neighborhood mod here!

I've just been added (along with @FlyingSquid@lemmy.world (HEY SQUID!)) to the OTHER World News community, "worldnews", totally separate from this group "world".

The reason being, the mods there had effectively retired. Hurts, the lead mod, stepped away and hadn't been active for MONTHS, and post and comment reports were PILING up, to a point where the Admins asked in our Discord chat going "Hey, what's going on with worldnews?"

Which left ME confused, because "world" has a friendly name of "World News" and is generally up to date on the report queue unless two users are engaging in:


Which, (sigh), happens way more often than I'd like, but what are you going to do?

Before they left 5 months ago, Hurts had pinned a question to worldnews asking, basically, "Do we NEED world AND worldnews?" which I think is a valid question.

There are some key differences, world doesn't accept video links or text pieces, but there's no rule against that in worldnews, so it's a little more free-form than world, although both require legitimate news sources.

So for now, consider the discussion OPEN! Keep them both? Close one or the other?

The volume difference is pretty dramatic:



submitted 2 weeks ago by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

"Several people, including employees, had been taken hostage at the Cafe Petticoat in the town of Ede early on Saturday morning. The motive was unclear.

Officials said at a news briefing that the suspect, who was previously known to police, had threatened the hostages with knives. There was no indication of a terrorist motive, police have said."

Back in Business! (lemmy.world)
submitted 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago) by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

Lemmy.world has had a "Business" community for a while now, but it's been a little sleepy.


I've been working with their mod and have been added as a mod there now and we're going to try to bring a little more life over there.

So for stories involving corporate news, feel free to post to Business!

As usual, stories with a global bent are always welcome here.

So, for example, Apple signing some new contract with FoxConn? That may or may not be applicable to World News depending on if the FoxConn contract is inside the US or not.

But it ABSOLUTELY would be OK to post in Business, no question.

Here's hoping Business won't end up with "Elon Musk..." top to bottom. :)

submitted 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago) by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

So for the folks seeing all the deleted comments and going "Wow, that's uncharacteristic!"

Someone created a bot that posted over ~~7,000~~ 40,000 garbage comments in multiple communities and now almost 10 bogus accounts.

They got banned and removed pretty quickly, but the nature of federation means some people are still seeing the comments.

So you can stop reporting the dude with the weird Simpsons/George Floyd mashup images. They're already nuked, it just needs to finish cleaning it up.

The moderation channel right now is also being flooded with reports on the account that is already banned and removed, and that's making it hard to get around to OTHER legitimate reports.

submitted 1 month ago by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

My favorite part of this story:

"The rocket terminated the flight after judging that the achievement of its mission would be difficult."

"Man, this is too hard, better explode!"

submitted 2 months ago by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

Live coverage thread of the International Court of Justice and the case of South Africa vs. Israel.

Taiwan Election Live Results (www.bloomberg.com)
submitted 3 months ago by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

"Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party becomes the next president, defeating his opponents Hou Yu-ih of the Kuomintang and Ko Wen-je of the Taiwan People’s Party. The victory represents an unprecedented democratic milestone: the first time a political party in Taiwan has won a third straight presidential election. However, the DPP lost its majority in the legislature, and no one party will have enough votes to rule by itself."

submitted 3 months ago by jordanlund@lemmy.world to c/world@lemmy.world

Sorry to throw this on everyone in the group, but there has been another mod shakeup and it feels fair to address it publicly.

MightBe has been removed as mod from both World News and Politics.

I also unpinned and removed their rule change posts.

The too long; didn't read is they were pretty hostile in messages to both myself and little cow, and when asked to join back channel discussions in chat, refused, and instead made unilateral decisions without group discussion.

Moderating a group like this needs to be a collaborative experience, no single voice should be establishing rules without some form of common agreement.

They not only refused to engage in that collaboration, but did so in a manner not fitting for being the new person on the team.

And it is a team. I tend to make more public posts than others, because I value the transparency over privacy, but when I do so, it's a result of a nice private chat among the group.

For now, their rule changes have been removed from both Politics and World News. Back to the stated way of doing business:

World News is for all News OUTSIDE the United States, that's what the normal "News" is for.

Politics is for US Politics - Somehow I doubt that's going to be an issue in 2024.

There ARE things the mod team is discussing, and any rule changes will be made as a group effort, and (hopefully!) for the better health of the group and ALL of our participants!

Happy New Year!

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