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My least favourite day has gotta be Wednesday, whether you're working or not, it's right slapdash in the middle and you just FEEL you're at the end of the tunnel but not quite..

But Monday? Eh, it's a day that's expected to come after Sunday so it doesn't bother me much even when I was working.

Thursdays are sucky but less sucky than Wednesdays because you are actually reaching the end close

What about you guys? Are you the classic Monday haters or is there a specific day in mind you don't like depending on your situation?

Thank you.

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My favourite film has gotta be 1986 "Aliens"

Some tension, some horror, some action.

And Ripley was both pretty and a good asskicker of xenos.

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After doing some google-fu, I've been puzzled further as to how the finnish man has done it.

What I mean is, Linux is widely known and praised for being more efficient and lighter on resources than the greasy obese N.T. slog that is Windows 10/11

To the big brained ones out there, was this because the Linux Kernel more "stripped down" than a Windows bases kernel? Removing bits of bloated code that could affect speed and operations?

I'm no OS expert or comp sci graduate, but I'm guessing it has a better handle of processes, the CPU tasks it gets given and "more refined programming" under the hood?

If I remember rightly, Linux was more a server/enterprise OS first than before shipping with desktop approaches hence it's used in a lot of institutions and educational sectors due to it being efficient as a server OS.

Hell, despite GNOME and Ubuntu getting flak for being chubby RAM hog bois, they're still snappier than Windows 11.

MacOS? I mean, it's snappy because it's a descendant of UNIX which sorta bled to Linux.

Maybe that's why? All of the snappiness and concepts were taken out of the UNIX playbook in designing a kernel and OS that isn't a fat RAM hog that gobbles your system resources the minute you wake it up.

I apologise in advance for any possible techno gibberish but I would really like to know the "Linux is faster than a speeding bullet" phenomenon.



Is it normal to be disgruntled after a layoff?

I got laid off my IT role for a biggish MSP firm, they just called some people to say they had difficult measures to take, I was one of those people..

So a month and so later, I'm still searching and I just feel bitter and jaded, I'm not getting calls back.

Is it perfectly normal for me to feel this way about companies? I'm still confident I can try to get back into it from this setback but I just feel these firms no matter what industry they are, are utterly void of any camaderie.

Am I going insane?

(TLDR - Bitter Bri'ish guy who's just asking if being infuriated with this isn't like a mental disease)

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What are some passive aggressive signals or signs you see? Could be from co workers, strangers, that supposed friendly baker last week.

It rustles my jimmies when someone is pulling off that smiling friendly attitude but they're actually being sarcastic or make off hand comments about me. It's almost like a way to goad me into being the arsehole of the conversation.

What about you?

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To those wearing crocs, what are they like? Are they soft and comfy as the media portrays them to be?

Are they suitable for summer and out about?

I wore sandals before (jesus shoes I call them), they're not bad but crocs seems to interest me.

Second question, why should I get some crocs? Pros/Cons?

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What was your first anime show or film?

For me? The first anime related thing I saw as a kid was Spirited Away on VHS, I was awestruck from the animation and quality of the film.

For shows it would've been the usual Pokemon and DBZ. As I grew older I suppose my first proper anime show was watching streams of Neon Genesis Evangelion due to people talking about it at school.

So what about you? What did you see first?

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That person should take a break, I'm just jostling you know, bit of tomfoolery and joking around.

It's almost like some people like that user should eat some snickers and read a book on bunny rabbits or something

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What was the last version of Windows you used before hopping on over? This includes the Linux greybeards too.

I was on Win10 but moved over as the end of life cycle is drawing near and I do not like Win11 at all.

Another thing for this change was the forced bloody updates, bro I just wanna shut down my PC and go to bed, if I wanna update it, I'll do it on a Saturday morning with my coffee or something.

Lastly, all the bloat crap they chuck in on there that most users don't really need. I think the only thing I kept was the weather program.

So what's your reasoning for the change to the reliable and funni penguin OS?

Would you rather... (
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Have Bill gates in a sleep over, who will tell you the secrets to screwing people over and spyware tricks

or dining with the foot fungus eating master, Richard Stallman, who will explain in great detail about the origins of GNU and why that finnish guy made GNU largely small in the grand scheme of things.

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Hear me out, the mascot is a freaking chameleon, that's cool as shit man.

Also it's a German engineered distro, German engineering wins again!

Zypper is just a funnier name for a package manager and it has Tumbleweed which is arch but actually doesn't break for once!

Your rebuttal?

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If there's one thing that rustles my jimmies is that new games will sometimes put on an always online experience even when it is single player.

Why the hell do firms do this? What, to make you purchase a copy of the sequel of that game? They surely realise that putting a single player game or any game in general on life support through live services is stupid and makes their public optics look like shit to the consumer.

I bought your game, do not expect me to pay up extra or care about your baked in battle pass crap nor the sale your putting out for that gold skin costume.

The moment Bethesda were selling HORSE ARMOR in a single player RPG (Oblivion) it was all over from the start..

TLDR - Modern AAA sucks ass with only a few gems between.

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Is there such a thing as there being degrees (Which are useful and can be applied to a decent selection of vacancies) and:

"degrees" (Which might sound fancy but aren't useful in a lot of vacancies, could also be just to say you got a degree)

This is not to insult anyone who has been to a university and finished their course, but it's something I've been told long time ago by my previous work colleague who nearly became a lawyer, supposedly there are meme degrees as he puts it that look good on a CV but used in an interview is tripe.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you say that is complete nonsense? Or is there some truth to this?

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The PR Marketing guys sure don't, but the actual Machine Learning and AI computer scientists sure do!

I'd wager a lot of marketing people only skim the basic surface of what it does and just plaster it to their supervisors without you know.. working with the ACTUAL technical experts in that field.

Plus they think the non techie is a dum dum who don't know no better.

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What is your general attitude towards those who believe in religion whether they are jewish, Muslim, Christian etc etc.

Do you get on well with any religious friends and neighbours?

Have you ever thought of believing in a religion at some point?

If you do not like the faiths, why?

If you DO, also why? Does this come from your family? Maybe something went bad during your life?

I get that Lemmy might have the same stereotype in Reddit that there are loads of atheists, but there's a good reason why despite criticism of religion, it is still here.

P.S. I am not religious or anti religious in any fashion, I am agnostic.

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What do you mean, like insults or if someone really insults you with a phobic term?

Unless you annoy or anger the person first, then sure I'd get it if they were big an asshole. But if it's a retort, then maybe don't start insult wars you can't win.

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It is also nortorious for blessing us with goat cheeks.

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Straight to the point, I like it! Programming sucks out your soul!

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I ask because using the funni penguin kernel in a weapons grade equipment is funny

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ShotCut Enjoyer vs Average OpenShot Goblin

But yeah seriously I found it to be the better and more intuitive tool to use.

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Does this possibly mean the end of x86 or will it be a coexisting scenario?

I still believe that as much as some people bark on about, X86 will not die for a long time, it will still keep kicking for some time.

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If I'm not mistaken Nestlé, the firm that makes various brands of chocolate, are known or at least have been known to include slavery in really poor parts of the world.

When I look at a bottle or a cuddly packaged bit of chocolate, I shudder to think the shit conditions that a person, a child even was forced or on crap pay to produce that from the cocoa farming..

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Because pepperoni rocks

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I did hear that they're killing off hyper threading which is a bummer but I guess those P cores would make up for it.

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