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I love some pineapple pizza!

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My first soulsborne game was Bloodborne and is still my favorite of the FromSoft series with Elden Ring just behind it. Playing Lies of P has seriously reminded me of when I first played Bloodborne and so it probably gets special bonus points just for that. Now I just have to wait until Friday for Lords of the Fallen!

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Locking this post for now due to its content and misleading headline.

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Yup, can confirm. My car has so many issues and it’s just barely holding on but there is no way I can afford to buy a new car.

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I think the damage may already be done to Unity. Devs have been moving to alternatives like Unreal and I doubt this walk back would make them change their minds.

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Bought Lies of P last night and made it just past the first boss. I know some folks are comparing it to Bloodborne and I can see why they think that (damn chimney sweeps). I do like the game although I wish the dodge was better. Bloodborne had a sick dodge system and this one isn't quite there.

Also, quite thrilled to have bought a game on PC that actually works. No major bugs, crashes, etc. which is really how it should be.

Anyone have any thoughts, opinions on the game in general?

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Very mixed feelings on this. The first movie was iconic and I’m not sure that can be reproduced how never Skarsgard would, I think, be able to do the character justice.

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Is this referencing actually children being in charge? Such as a school activity or a family activity? Or are we talking about politics?

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I assume velcro is another one?

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I always struggled with FPS games as they made me a bit nauseous and I would get lost easily. Typically I preferred 3rd person such as Gears of War, Uncharted, Witcher, etc. although I do have gob tons of hours in Destiny 2 and Skyrim so obviously managed to make it work.

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Currently no app has mod tool support but it is on several devs to do lists.

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There are a few browser extensions that you might like and are least worth checking out. Doesn't quite do what you are looking for but might help some.



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Locking due to post being off topic.

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