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Back in the olden days, we learned basic fractions before we learned to tell time, so we learned to think in quarters and halves of an hour. When I see a clock face, I usually just look to see what part of the hour we're in without necessarily knowing what specific minute we're at. "Oh, it's nearly half passed," is usually good enough, rather than having to be exact, "Oh, it's 4:28pm precisely." I suppose things have changed a lot since then -- when I was in school we were too busy hiding from dinosaurs to learn much else!


Haircut Practice by Adam Koford for July 15, 2024.

(Inspired by Peanuts, but with original jokes and art by Adam Koford.)

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rednecks, to the religious cults

I see your point, but usually those groups don't have the ability to accelerate the arrival of the end times, whereas the billionaires might.

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As stated, the companies that push AI aren't concerned with the long-term consequences. But if you want to know how the individuals who run those companies personally feel, do a search for billionaire doomsday preppers.

TL;DR: They've got a vision for the future. We're not in it.

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"Guess what?"



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Meanwhile, toilets lobby to jail everyone that refuses to eat out of them.

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Musk wants freedom of speech for people. But his definition of "people" is very, very narrow.

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New Destiny lore just dropped.

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"Wait! We need to get the user story before we start working on a solution!"

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The sudden change in <style> makes my <head> feel funny 🥴


Sarah's Scribbles by Sarah Andersen, July 10th 2024.

(And yes, in reality goldfish have pretty long memories, but I still like this joke! 😅 )

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"Did you restart your computer?"

"............. yes?"

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Oh! I know! Andrew wants Windows 95. But then he won't be able to post questions on the Internet any more 😔 .

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