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Profits over everthing, if you make food that's horrible for the body it tends to have an insane shelf life. Ultra-processed food can be on the shelf for ages before it needs to be tossed. Due to this, it increases the likelihood someone will by it, and the share holders only care about sales! Plus, the FDA is paid off by these companies so they can pretty much make carcinogenic food that last forever without any repercussions.

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Of course, it's just a statistic. Definitely not a competition, more a simple comparison of these two ongoing atrocities.

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A party founded by a Marxist anti-colonial revolutionary won the majority of parliamentary seats in their June election. As this would reduce the moves President Umaro Sissoco Embalo could make, he's saying it was a coup and dissolved the parliament.

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"This genocide is similar to other atrocities, whats the issue?"

You're either an idiot, brainwashed, or wildly self centered. Regardless, you're promoting death of innocent humans. Shut up or wake up, thats the best decision you could make in life right now if this is seriously your take.

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Wait, how THE HELL were you cabable of hearing "it weeks ago" when this took place less than 48 hours before the post?!? Shit like this is what makes heads second guess actual truth online. Folk like you care more about how cool they seem vs helping spread truth, disgracing it in the process...

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With the original Beeper app you made an Apple ID through Apples website to use for setting up iMessage. This does require folks having the email in order to use iMessage, so definetly worth setting up an alias. It still works, while Beeper Mini doesn't apparently.

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When I say "don't think of a panda", what do you think of? Pretty much the same thing with saying "don't recommend me FOSS options" lol

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Even without being a programmer, associating Free Software with a MASSIVE purchase is bonkers.

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I'd argue for a basic use case most distro's would work well, right? All come with a browser, a PDF reader, and some word doc/spreadsheet program. I truly hate using windows at school, so I just plug in a USB, restart, and boot from the USB. Otherwise Firefox always needs updating, which results in freezing 1/10 times, and I need to make an adobe account to simply read a PDF.

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The US government only disagrees on matters which support the average citizen. Other than that, both sides are in lockstep when it comes to voting on bills...

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Sanctions and wide spread use off the of the dollar needs to be addressed in a global democratic fashion. The USA hasn't resembled anything near democratic for a bit, yet kill innocent citizens globally in the name of democracy. In the same way each vote should mean something in a democratic country, each country should have a say in what takes place globally. Makes sense when they're orchestrating multipolar international rule.

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I don't feel like anything is wrong with systemd, but options are apart of what makes Linux so awesome.

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