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The victim mentality around here is astonishing.

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Used to work, not now.





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Disrupting trade is punishable by death.

At this scale? Yes. Fucking up global trade at this level hurts people all over the planet. The downstream pain reaches into millions of households.

And if that hurt isn't enough for you, it's clearly terrorism. And your plan is to let it stand because there haven't been any deaths?

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Been failing for lately. Now you have to:

cd oobe

Then run:


Guess they took the OOBE directory out of the path.

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Been thinking on this lately and I get OP. People used to chew gun in the 80's and 90's, a lot. Now it would be weird to see someone doing so.

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I've already watched dozens of Russians die like this.

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My wife refused the dishwasher for months after moving in. Hand wash only.

"It is not clean."

Fuck I know. Maybe they don't have good ones in the Philippines? Still trying to deprogram the "tradwife" out of her. 😂 But now she uses it! And sometimes allows me to do our dishes!

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Is this the 2nd or 3rd?

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I walked those burned-out streets in the late 80s. We walked that land, stunned by the concrete outlines of foundations and streets. I'll stop there because I don't have words.

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