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This better be angry Torvalds

Edit: It was

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Yep. This was from a manufacturers video. Just the idea of a fire blanket was a bit funny for me as it's just not something you'd think of.

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As @Starbuck@lemmy.world stated. They're still valid image files, they just have extra data.

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Hi db0, if I could make an additional suggestion.

Add detection of additional content appended or attached to media files. Pict-rs does not reprocess all media types on upload and it's not hard to attach an entire .zip file or other media within an image (https://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Embed_a_zip_file_into_an_image)

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That comments a spy!

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Is there a space bound monkey tragedy involved?

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Instead of spaces? Not necessarily but it helps prevent edge cases

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Teams Fight over Rocks. Rarely they play a form of soccer or against robots. Some characters throw suspiciously colored fluids on other players. There are cosmetics

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Non-textual content (media, and icons I believe) is still served from the other instance to prevent all federated instances from exploding in size.

Additionally, some browsers will preload/prefetch links to "improve the browsing experience"

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Why YSK: It appears several Lemmy Instances are flagged as suspicious and at least 1 instance intentionally using the name of ransomware. A couple of the big enterprise monitoring suites (Fortiguard, ZScaler) will flag your account and may end up with you being pulled into an office for an explanation, or worse.

TL;DR: Keep browsing to your local instance at work for now.

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Content is up but users are down. Take that as you will.

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Replacement to Lemmy if Lemmy ever paywall the API

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Hi all,

I'm looking to reduce my electric bill.


Electricity Usage

On average, I use about 1900kWh a month, with summer months being almost 3000kWh. Here's my usage graph:

Most of this appears to be HVAC usage. I understand an HVAC should be running only about 15 minutes an hour on average, but I'm looking at closer to 30-45 minutes with my HVAC running for about 12-14 hours total a day.

House Info

(Some info from original buying inspection)

My house has 2 above ground floors and 1 below ground floor, with a total sqft between them of 2500 sqft. It is a cape cod wood-framed structure with a Bedford stone and brick veneer. The exterior walls do not seem to have insulation based on spot checks but I haven't checked every room.

The roof is a gable design covered with asphalt/fiberglass shingles in the first half of their useful life. The attic above the living space is insulated with fiberglass batted insulation, approximately six to eight-inches in depth. Additionally, the knee walls of the attic are missing insulation.

The current HVAC system is a Trane 4TTR4036L1000AA AC Unit and TUH1B080A9421CB Furnace. There is 1 vent in the basement, 2 vents upstairs, and the rest of the vents on the main floor. The 3 return vents are on the main floor as well. Notable is that the upstairs vents are metal ducting until they hit the basement in which there's a 8-10ft section on each that is insulated flex duct.

Previous attempts

First thing I bought was a Nest Learning Thermostat and an additional temp sensor for upstairs so I could have usage statistics.

In 2022, I started Supercooling the house. This might have reduced the electric bill more if I was on a time of day rate, but I'm on a flat rate.

This year, I patched a vent sized hole in the ductwork that was dumping all the cool air downstairs that I didn't previously know existed and have stopped Supercooling.

Advice needed

I want to do more to reduce my HVAC and electricity usage. Currently, I'm considering the following 3 things:

  1. Vinyl Siding - I don't think the exterior bricks were helpful when I was trying to supercool the house previously. I've been told they radiate captured heat after the sun goes down which likely wasn't making it as easy on the HVAC.

  2. Insulation - An obvious choice. Although, I'd have to tear off all the existing drywall (and trim? I've never done this before). This will be a lot of work as I'll have to move a ton of furniture and likely have whatever room being down unusable during that time. On the plus side, I could some of the ungrounded outlets grounded and ethernet run while in there.

  3. Mini-split upstairs - Between upstairs missing some insulation, not having a return vent, and well... being upstairs where heat rises to, the upstairs usually has a 10F or higher temperature difference. I've heard that doing this has halved some people's electricity bills but I'm skeptical

Any tips are appreciated. Thank you!

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I didn't see anything against memes in the rules, but feel free to remove if not allowed :)

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Maybe I never paid attention or maybe it's the first time we've had wildfire smoke in my city recently, but I had been so confused at the "fog" and "clouds" despite it not being fog or clouds but Haze.

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