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Thank you for this tip, actually I have second router connected to my main router(from provider) and on this second router I have openwrt - I think I have seen there openvpn option - will check

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I did not - thank you will try

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for this I am using zerotier - and I can connect from outside but ... using IPs which is not great. Would like to use domains

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Well, I was trying to play with nginx proxy manager, was able to set this but still, could connect only from home network - not from outside

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Hi, guys. Like in the title. I have orangepi5 with some services like nextcloud or grafana. I would like to access to those instances from outside - but I don't want to open ports.

Could you guys point me how can I achieve that?

Do I need to set domain for home services? I have heard that people recommends cloudfare tunnel, but I think cloudfare tunnel does not work with subdomain like duckdns. Do I need to buy domain for my case? One more think, if I set this tunnel or maybe other solution- should I go with https (lets encrypt) solution?

Thank You


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