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I have come to rather like Downcast on iOS myself. Should check it out if you never have.


Time to get out of Google Podcasts for anyone that is still using the service.

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Sundar probably does not use Google Drive. He is probably all Apple in his day to day life like most executives.

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Keeping the money and yanking back the content it was used to purchase will surely entice those people to sign up for that Max/Discovery+ subscription.

Only an out of touch corporate stooge would see a logical through line there.

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Just remember to not pay for the subscription and they will eventually stop this particular nonsense.

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Hey, mine loves to talk up her blue ball cure.

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My view on history because of my age and growing up as a nerdy only child of parents who came of age in the 1960's has given me a really crazy notion of how amazing the ideas technology driven advancements looks in that time period between 1900 and about 1980. Everyone from scientists, inventors, to authors, and directors seemed to really think we were going to be doing some amazing shit by the year 2000. Maybe not even particularly "better" shit, but amazing shit.

I guess I was just into my imagination and science fiction back then.

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Wow, maybe these things are more human than I thought.

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In my opinion the wrong thing is getting the focus because legally Sony nor WB stole from anyone in the legal sense. I know it is unethical, but unfortunately that is not a winning argument in the business or legal worlds. The winning thing to do here is popularize the notion that "buying" from these services is not really buying and no one should do it. While at the same time popularizing the idea that any content tied to such a model is not worth consuming.

By pirating it it is just proving there is some value in these products even with all of the BS the rights holders tie them down with. The message needs to be sent in a way executives and lawyers understand that when you make your product customer hostile to obtain legally you make that product effectively worthless and the customer will go elsewhere for their entertainment. Including DRM has to cost them more than they stand to lose from those that will pirate it anyway. Because money is all executives and lawyers understand.

This would also effectively create a demand for smaller projects not tied down with all of that DRM shit that maybe some enterprising people would start to fill.

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In the US, he is still breaking the law ripping discs. It is against the DMCA to circumvent the DRM on the discs. So he is really just pirating by a different means as far as the industry is concerned.

He is far less likely to get caught doing it that way though.

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Whats sad is it doesn't even take much knowledge of technology to know the whole of Sunbirds "product" was a terrible idea even outside of security concerns.

"Hey! I've got a brilliant idea for a product that absolutely could not fail!, lets reverse engineer one of the prime services of one of the most protectionist and litigious companies in the world and publicly advertise and try to sell it to their competition and potential users as some sort of magic compatibility layer"! What could possibly go wrong?

~~It was a worse idea than Dolphin thinking they were going to get away with trying to monetize their Nintendo emulator.~~

EDIT: I was mistaken about Dolphin looking to charge for their emulator when they put it up on Steam, as pointed out by a few folks in the comments. They were just looking to distribute it on the platform. Still seems like wishful thinking to me though when talking about something related to Nintendo and IP.

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When do the alcoholics get to sue the bars/pubs for "forcing" them to walk through the door and order a drink?

Another good thing falls to the whims of lack of personal responsibility, parenting, and Helen (won't someone think of the children?!) Lovejoy syndrome. Now the predators will just continue to do there thing in a darker hole that is even harder to find.

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That is the thing with for profit companies, especially publicly traded ones. No matter how much they make, it is never enough. Next quarter must always be higher than this quarter or the world is on fire and heads will roll.

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Bet there was some good tokens in some of those customer HAR files.

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And Mexico was going to pay for that southern boarder wall...

The Expert (www.youtube.com)

Right up there with the classic "sales guy vs web dude".

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