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I'm part of a small team that collaborates on projects. There's up to 50 projects in the queue or in progress at a time, all projects are very similar to one another.

We basically need some kind of task management platform with the following features:

  • tasks need to be grouped by project
  • we need to be able to discuss tasks
  • we need to be able to attach a few files (mostly screen shots) to discussions

That's it really, but everything I've looked at seems to be either a kanban board which just doesn't work for us, or a small part of a larger project management / collaboration ecosystem which is kind of overwhelming.

We're presently using Asana, but while it does what we need IMO it does it very poorly - better suited to teams working on fewer more variable projects.

Of course I'd prefer self hosted & open source but that's not critically important.

Any suggestions welcome!

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This is happening all over reddit.

Mods are posting all over the place saying "I have to bend over for the admins because if I don't they'll find someone else who will".

You do you but honestly I find this a bit weird. As an unpaid volunteer you don't have to do anything. Just resign. Reddit's not about to die but it's best days are in the past. I wouldn't want to be a part of the future of reddit.

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The reluctance of redditors to move to lemmy always amazes me.

Not surprisingly, there's a lot of posts in a lot of subs about the recently announced changes. In every post the same pattern is repeated ad-nauseum:

  • "i hate reddit, it sucks here, I've always wanted to leave, I'm never coming back once this happens"
  • "maybe we should move the sub to lemmy so we won't have this problem in future?"
  • "but what about all our data, the wiki & post history and such"
  • "but there's no users on lemmy"
  • "but that would split the community!"

This is the case even in the subs I would have thought would be really keen to jump ship, like /r/selfhosted

I think this type of approach is the right idea though, a better ecosystem can only be good.

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