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They are optimized. It's a 5gb plan I guess. It looks like my options, in the comments here, are pay a monthly fee elsewhere and be done with it instead of constantly hitting barriers with my current host's limits.

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Perfect! Thank you for the link.

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My concerns right now are this is the second time I've had space issues with my hosting service and when something goes wrong, it's easy to diagnose which service is causing it (wordpress or host). Do those concerns sound valid for what you're suggesting?

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After seeing Dr. Strange and not understanding the entire movie engine because I don't have Disney+ I stopped watching MCU movies. I'd love to go see this movie now that I know it's out but why spend time and money watching actors in front of a green screen doing things I don't understand because I didn't watch multiple TV shows?

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I have a Wordpress site and recently ran into the problem of having too many images for my hosting services. But my job involves photography, so I was wondering where a good starting point would be to set up a physical server in my home to host all my photos for my website on Wordpress. Is that possible? I don't know where to begin with searching either.

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Didn't Elon have the opportunity to end world hunger for 8 billion dollars a couple years ago?

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If they consider fetuses people why don't they invest in healthcare to protect the fetus? Why do they only seek to end procedures that would at least save the mother's life?


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