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Sometimes, when I try to torrent using qBittorrent or Transmission, the search for metadata appears to take forever. What could be causing this issue?


Which uploaders do you rely for TV show torrents?

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That's awesome, thanks!

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I don't want to create a torrent; I'm simply looking for the English version of a movie.


What steps can be taken when there are no seeders available for a torrent? Are there alternative websites, aside from and 1337x, that are reliable for discovering movies?

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Thanks for the reassurance. I won't worry about it. After some thought, I also believe it's unlikely some one have embed zero-day exploits into a movie torrent from LimeTorrent.

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The mkv file wasn't form a trustworthy source.


Stupid question but is it possible to get a virus from an MKV file that is less than 24 hours old. I was streamed using VLC version 3.0.20 form the repose on Linux.

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Is Tixati open source

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Why do some peers have unusual client names in qbittorrent

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I don't think the issue is receiving any replies, but I do think that the one i discussions may get some replays they are quite slow to respond.

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I use a GNU/Linux environment. And qbittorrent also installs and enables 8 plugins for me.

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Yes if the issue tracker worked more like Git, it would be way better.

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You can utilize a temporary email service to receive the account confirmation for ProtonMail. Just ensure you use one that has not been blocked by ProtonMail, so you might need to try a few different ones search something like temp mail and go to page 3 or 4.

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Thanks for making a issue. Can share the link with us so that we can follow the discussions.

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I don't believe there are any malicious intentions, but there are two other things that i don't like. Their forum only permits sign-ups with Gmail and Outlook, and their website has a very strict Cloudflare DDoS protection police. I understand the rationale behind Cloudflare's DDoS protection policy, but I would prefer if they used another DDoS protection provider.

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It seems like the gif of how it looks wasn't included here it is any drawbacks or disadvantages of using Jackett and Prowlarr.


Why does qBittorrent download search indexes when I click update, and do I need to worry about being infected because of it?

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