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I think that depends on the type of content a Subreddit consists of. If it's purely a link aggregator to interesting things? Then I think your proposal would be effective. But for advice or help communities? I really don't see that method panning out for two reasons:

  1. I anticipate the follow-through rate of OP's creating a lemmy account just to respond to lemmings that respond to their thread will be very low, 5 to 10% at best. This will result in the lemmy folk having less incentive to engage with those threads if it's extremely unlikely the OP will be able to effectively engage with them back. So there is content, but realistically the only conversations that will happen on lemmy will be between the already existing lemmings.
  2. The OP on reddit will ultimately be inclined to stay on reddit, because if they post on reddit, they get the best of both worlds, and would be disinclined to respond on lemmy unless the lemmy responder has critical information that OP really, really needs. If they did eventually switch to lemmy, they would experience the downgraded experience that all of the other lemmings are having with low-response rate with reddit-crossposts, and would likely decide to just go back to reddit.

I very strongly feel that a true 2-way bridge is the best solution, at least for LinuxHardware-like communities, as it means switching to Lemmy has no real downside, since you retain all the benefits of being on reddit.

Personally, I think Lemmy has a chance of beating Reddit in the long-term as the Reddit experience continues to get worse and worse, prompting people to try lemmy. And the best way to get people to know lemmy exists and is active, is if they constantly see lemmy-posts in the comments of their communities.

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What is holding lemmy back? I use it almost exclusively for months and find it to be a great replacement.

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From what I got in this latest video, the EU and Australia angle seems very promising, with many roads to possible success (for any EU or Australian people reading this, you can help in a big way!)

Anything in the US is dead in the water though.

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I feel like having comments in public threads would provide the most visibility/advertising for lemmy on reddit while simultaneously providing more content to interact with on the lemmy side, which is the most critical aspect needed over here, IMHO.

Setting up a bridge to DM the OP to inform them that a lemmy discussion on his post exists and imploring them to join doesn't really offer a compelling reason to join, because that just shows them that even if they keep posting on reddit exclusively, they'll get that benefit of Lemmy discussions coming in as DMs anyway, so why switch? And anyone participating in the Reddit thread normally would not even know that a lemmy discussion is happening.

If every comment in the lemmy thread bridged to the reddit thread, along with an automated message at the bottom that said something like 'Posted from Lemmy' with a hyperlink to the discussion on lemmy, I think that would intrigue the lurkers and commenters as well as the OP.

I think the goal for two-way communication is to show potential converts that they can choose to come to lemmy without having to log into reddit to keep up with their favorite communities, so the value-add is that they're not missing out on anything, and they can join lemmy if they prefer it.

Realistically (for the average redditor anyway), lemmy doesn't offer any compelling reason to use it over reddit unless you find the concept ideologically appealing already, or prefer the 'village' aspect that these smaller, more focused communities bring (those are the reasons I joined, personally). So I think it makes more sense to just try to bridge them to maximize activity here, which would (I assume anyway), encourage growth.

But that's just my 2 cents. :)

Mr Bean in Hitman 3 (www.youtube.com)
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Issue 1) Why should I leave, or partially leave reddit?

Reddit is undergoing a process of Enshittification, is constantly trying to trick you with new ways to display ads as posts, sells your data, and suffers from centralized corporate control.

Issue 2) Why should I go to lemmy?

Lemmy (and other fediverse options, like Piefed) is the only long-term solution to enshittification or good owners inevitably selling out to for-profit companies. If we stay with Reddit or any other closed-source privately owned social media platform, it will simply start the cycle anew, just like Reddit was the beginning of a new cycle after Digg became enshittified.

Granted, for the average user, both of those answers probably don't really matter, but I'm not sure we should be targetting them initially anyway, they're happy with being abused, and would be difficult to convince to switch.

  1. Isn’t it full of tankies and trannies?

The tankies are thankfully isolated to their little corners of the fediverse, since most instances defederated from them. As for the second part, uhm... If that's a problem, I'm not sure if we'd want them here anyway.

Do I join lemmy.com or what? There are a load of websites which do I join? How do I join?

https://join-lemmy.org/ has revamped the onboarding process, and I think solves any confusion that may have existed.

Is there a app for this?

https://join-lemmy.org/apps gives a nice list of those at a glance, though they could've made the link to that page a little more prominent. Searching 'lemmy' on an appstore would also bring up some apps.

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Hey man, no worries. I should mention that I massively appreciate the effort and time you've put toward it already.

Regarding the design issue, I would put forward that it should only have the ability to respond to comments for simplicity's sake, since the need for DM's would be relatively niche, I suspect. And if the goal is to have a bridge between two communities, replicating all messages to reddit and vice versa by default would, IMO, be the only mode required.

I hope you're able to secure some solid income soon! 🤞

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Is there progress on making conversations between Reddit and Lemmy 2-way? I think for LinuxHardware specifically, that feature would be somewhat essential before implementing fediverser bots, since a lot (if not most) of the content posted there are requests for advice and questions, and I can't help but feel it would be off-putting for the lemmy community if they were responding to OP's that can't respond back, especially if the comments were asking for further information before making a recommendation.

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I'm a moderator of r/LinuxHardware on reddit. It has 76k subscribers, and receives about 150k unique pageviews per month.

After using Lemmy for a while and loving it, I decided to officially have a presence here, and partnered with the owner of !linuxhardware@lemmy.ml (Liam from GamingOnLinux) to have it be the official lemmy community.

I then wrote a post that I pinned in the community describing how to move to lemmy (as well as including a link to your Fediverser thing :D), and added a Fediverse section in the sidebar directing people here.

Unfortunately, it never really seemed to get much traction in the community, which also happened to vote not to remain dark after the API change a few months ago.

If I had to estimate how many followed through and came to lemmy, I would hazard a guess at around 30 to 50-ish people, based on the quick subscriber growth on the lemmy community, but that may have just been from already existing lemmings subbing from my announcement post at the time.

When I have the time, I'll try writing up a call to action referencing Reddit's announcement that they will sell their data to AI companies.

Also, one community that may be more receptive specifically to switching due to their data being sold is r/Privacy. I made a comment about lemmy there calling for people to leave for greener pastures, and it seemed to get a good amount of upvotes. But it is a large one, so it may not be the best 'target' for converting.

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Crystal lang is also pretty cool looking. It seems to be going for what Nim is doing, making Ruby as fast as C.

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I hope you enjoy them! ^^

Another I forgot to mention is Quest for Infamy, which is a fantastic little spiritual successor to Quest for Glory. It has some really witty writing, and was a really fun romp.

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Quest for Infamy (spiritual successor to Quest for Glory) has some really witty, funny writing. It was a blast to play!

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I really enjoyed Gemini Rue and Primordia, most of wadjet eye's catalog is pretty high quality.

I also would recommend Lost Horizen, which was very Indiana Jones like, and done quite well. Another game, Heart of China by dynamix is in the same vein.

An interesting older one is Dreamweb, which has great visuals and a kickass soundtrack, but you may need a walkthrough handy since you can pick up almost any object that isn't nailed down, but only a few of them are useful.

Lastly, the old 1997 Bladerunner punches above its weight, with some amazing mechanics that I haven't seen in any other game. NPC's will notice how you treat others, and have the ability to warn other NPC's they interact with, which will influence how they respond to your questions, to the point that they will lie to you. It's also replayable, since the replicants are different characters every playthrough. The main designer did a really fantastic interview about the game on Ars Technica that I'd recommend watching (though it does contain spoilers, so beware).

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Also available to play in the browser!

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