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Where I'm from we've got the "ccc" rule. Coffee, cig, caca (poop). The holy trinity.

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I was a bit surprised about the high price tag. Did the DLCs for previous From Software games cost that much too? Anyway, hard to judge now. But if it has a lot of content and feels like a real extension of the game, then it could be worth the price.

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Interesting, I didn't know about strong implicit multiplication. So I would have said the result is 9. All along my studies in France, up to my physics courses at University, all my teachers used weak implicit multiplication. Could be it's the norm in France, or they only use it in math studies at University.

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I was thinking the same thing. I never shame you're average countryside Joe who has to drive dozens of miles to work. He doesn't have a choice if there aren't any public transports.

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This post might just be taking the piss at those trying to defend landlords. Or its a genuine effort to take their side, I'm not sure. Anyway, criticism of landlords was bound to bring people to defend them and/or criticise renters in response. Don't fret too much, many of us also despise the accumulation of weath through acquiring real estate.

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Yeah I don't get the whole "replace meat with a vegan steak" idea. Just prepare a delicious Dahl, the recipe of which has been around for hundreds of years!

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Delivery guy here! Don't forget that the driver only gets $5 out of those $30. So fuck uber. And I take my bike when I want to eat, obviously.

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Damn that seems really infuriating. Where I live there's a government program to forbid anyone to send you ads or political propaganda (and the best part is that you can report those who slip through the net!) It isn't fool proof but it did decrease the amount of calls from people trying to sell me shit I don't want.

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English not being my first language, I can relate to that thought 😅

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In a way it's understandable, people who are drawn to this community might be quite vulnerable to mention of suicide. Then again, some of them may need a space to discuss their suicidal thoughts. There's no easy answer to this problem. Blurr suicide related posts in feeds maybe? Not ideal still.

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Damn, I did 2 years of physics studies but I never heard about atto and exa. Though I did spend a lot of time to try to memorise the other ones.

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Works as well with "Kids these days..."

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