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Gameboy Color with 1st gen Pokemon still running strong

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And YouTube is completely unusable without paying or adblock. Letting literal scams market on their platform

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Very true. I'm still amazed how good lemmy is considering how small we still are.

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So many YouTube channels based around Omegle will have to pivot now

Facepalm (lemmy.world)
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Kinda reverse, but when I moved to Singapore I was amazed by how few people knew how to cook their own food. But then again you can get a meal outside for 3-5 bucks so not really an issue

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When I try to enter a date in excel and it formats it as numerical 424523 or some shit smh

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Ah now they can add the buzzword "Blockchain powered" on every page of their IPO prospectus

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It should be illegal for lectures to sell their own book as part of the course lol, I saw that happen a few times back then

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You sound like you have seen too many boobs to even react at this point

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Back in the day - rooting Android phones and installing custom ROMs were such a big part of Android. I remember so well using titanium backup and Greenify and Cyanogenmod and the list goes on.

Is it still necessary to root in 2023 though?

I have been on vanilla Android without root access for the past couple of years and at this point most root features have made it into the vanilla Android OS. What are your thoughts?

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Probably won't be using this but always nice to see many different options for apps being developed

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More posts like this. Data is beautiful

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