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you’re always free to walk away.

Yeah, and die of starvation or exposure, which ever comes first..
Maybe take a look around at the reality most people face before giving such out of touch advice..

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made a pretty weird video about autism, using the fact that his son has it as like qualification for him to talk about it. folks with autism tried to talk to him about the problematic nature of the video in the comments, and he just blocked them.

So typical Autism Parent™ then lol it's like they can't help but make it about themselves.. 🙄

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Can you not make that point without the ableism?

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My best guess would be because the chocolate cookies don't contain any chocolate, but rather just cocoa powder.

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Might be the photo, but it looks to me like top is vanilla cookie with choc-chip, while bottom is chocolate cookie with choc-chip, making it "double" chocolate.

Definitely could be clearer, but I don't think they're making the claim you think they are.

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Not sure I agree that conservatives can both “choose” to be like they are, and also be the victims of their upbringing in a toxic system. These 2 points you made seem to be contradictory.

Not really.

We are all subjected to the same propaganda, yet we're not all conservatives, that's enough to prove that there is choice involved (even if the choices are limited, and opinions externally influenced by and for the ruling class), but more to the point - no one is born conservative, and no one is forced in any way to support one political party or another, political affiliation isn't something someone can't help or control or change, making it a choice, unlike race, gender, sexual orientation, abledness, place and circumstances of birth, and so on, which are not.

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Liberals play along plenty in to the division sown by the ruling class, but lets be fucking clear - conservatives choose to be that way, and are actively and vocally contributing to the problem, unlike Jews, immigrants, disabled people and so on..

Is working class conservative Joe Shmoe responsible for the system and the one who needs to be removed from society? No, they're as much a victim of it (and its brain washing propaganda) as any other working class person, and sure, many liberals fail to see this, but to compare calling out people who choose to actively support open and proud oppressors for their contribution, to scapegoating the people they oppress for existing as who they are, for the problems of society, is fucking gross.

E: seriously, conservatives uphold conservatism - there is no conspiracy. 🤦‍♀️

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"Because I don't experience a thing personally (or just have head up rectum), everyone who does is a liar!" 🙄

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This is pretty specific to millenials in the USA

UK too at the very least, though I'm sure there are other places this applies, too (yes, uni used to be free here, but the cost has been steadily increasing, as has the necessity of a student loan to attend).

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I actually think it's those that get so close to the truth, before veering to the right and blaming minorities instead of those who are really to blame (by design of those who are really to blame, of course) - blaming Jews for controlling the banks and the media (it's the obscenely rich), blaming immigrants for poor work conditions/no jobs (it's the obscenely rich), blaming disabled people for being a burden and leeching off the tax payer (it's the obscenely rich), blaming whichever generation is currently in young adulthood for "destroying industries" (it's the obscenely rich), and so on and so on..

I guess they make me angriest because the truth clearly isn't outside of the people who believe the conspiracy's grasp, they'd just rather punch down, solve nothing, but continue to have minor feelings of superiority (which really ties in with the key to all belief in conspiracy theories - "I have special knowledge you don't"), than punch up and actually try to resolve the issues they whine about..

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Don't forget the burkini, as well as plain old surfing and diving clothes, both of which often come in full body coverage (as do professional swimming costumes, like for the Olympics).

So women might be expected to wear skimpy swimwear by society (mostly by and for creepy men like OP who like to control women and think we need to edit ourselves for their comfort), but that by no means equals having to.

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Beats me, people saying "if you're tired enough you can sleep anywhere", making me laugh my exhausted ass off (and feel jealous af, but can't really hold it against them).

I've spent more nights than I can count laid in bed for hours, absolutely shattered, wanting nothing but sleep, and none has come. Then when I do finally fall asleep, it isn't for long or of any decent quality (as in EtraordinaryJoe's case - chronic pain will do that to you), so I'm still always tired, and yet still unable to just fall asleep.

My trick to getting to sleep at night is weed and a meal, to help induce food coma, which again, isn't quality sleep, but it's better than nothing..

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As title suggests, I'm looking to clean up my desktop from any duplicates I have across my different drives, but would also like to be able to easily compare them to make sure they definitely are the same before I delete them.


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E: gave me some options which I need to test, but for now I'm calling it SOLVED, thanks!

I know I'm not meant to ask for a specific title, but it's the second in the series where you age up your empire wink wink..
Looking for the HD edition in English, so far I just keep getting Russian versions, if I risk downloading at all, since most the sites that are coming up in my search look dodgy af..

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