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If people aren‘t mindful enough to stop buying a particular kind of yoghurt, how are you ever going to get them to vote, much less stage a revolution? I think we need to get out of our passivity

How about people who aren't mindful enough of those who can't stop buying one brand or another, but especially of the reasons why??? (like - they only have one local store that only carries the one brand, or they carry two brand made by the same parent company, or they have three brands, two by the same company and the third by another one with just-as-bad practices. Or they're too poor to buy the more "ethical" brand, or they simply don't have the time in their day to even be aware of a boycott over exploitative practices, because they themselves are being exploited at 3 different jobs just to survive) I guarantee that a lack of that kind of mindfulness hurts the working class significantly more than the kind you're angry about.

If you want people to stop being "passive" - you destroy the system designed to keep them that way (not actually passive at all, they're probably more active than you'll ever be, just deliberately kept undereducated and too busy trying to survive), insisting on them continuing to play by the rules said system has made available to them (precisely because they have no real impact) only serves those in power to maintain the status quo.

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It doesn't matter, because boycotts are generally futile since they at best only address skin level symptoms (at worst, and almost always - you're just giving your money to a different scummy capitalist), they can't cure the cancer, which is precisely why they're touted as a wonderful solution (by capitalists trying to ensure the public don't take any meaningful action against them).

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I mean, the whole idea of credit scores in general is just a scam to keep poor people poor (and more specifically - in debt), and to create work for a new kind of companies - those standing between us and our "score" (which isn't even measured consistently, but changes from agency to agency) and who we have to provide with access to our most personal and sensitive data to access (which they then sell on to add to their record profits).

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Or where they don't get married, or even move in together, because one/both would have income support and disability benefits reduced/removed.

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Lmmfao, so you're against minimum wage claiming it's a non-solution (and also that some workers must gain further education to even "deserve" it) while advocating UBI, which is a solution on the exact same level as minimum wage is - the level that still allows capitalists to exploit the labour of others for profit (except with UBI, it is the government compensating them from the tax pot, either way, it's working people paying the highest price - freedom).

Never mind that the meme doesn't offer it up as a solution to anything, but more of a bare minimum that neither democrats nor republicans will give, because, and this is the point the meme is actually making which seems to have gone completely over your head - both democrats and republicans work for capitalism, not you.

Truth is, you're just here to flex your "economist" muscles, but instead you're just spewing clueless yet confident incorrectness all over the place.. 😂

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Ah, got it, so all our problems are the fault of those pesky workers wanting to afford to survive, and not those who refuse to function unless they're exploiting others..
Makes perfect sense, "economist".. 🙄😂

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If you think capitalism didn't create and still heavily relies on racism, sexism, ableism, cisheteronormativity and so on (and no, comparing real life oppressed groups to fictional characters doesn't help) to literally exist, you've not been paying any attention.

Fighting only a class war still leaves an imperialist white supremacist cisheteronormative ableist theistic patriarchy.

Intersectionality is the only way everyone gets justice and equity.

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As title suggests, I'm looking to clean up my desktop from any duplicates I have across my different drives, but would also like to be able to easily compare them to make sure they definitely are the same before I delete them.


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E: archive.org gave me some options which I need to test, but for now I'm calling it SOLVED, thanks!

I know I'm not meant to ask for a specific title, but it's the second in the series where you age up your empire wink wink..
Looking for the HD edition in English, so far I just keep getting Russian versions, if I risk downloading at all, since most the sites that are coming up in my search look dodgy af..

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