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I got a breadmaker as a present many years ago. Hasn't seen a lot of use but this week, it quit. We determined that the mixer paddle is no longer turning. I'm a reasonably handy guy with tools. I figure I'll take a stab at fixing it.

First problem, has the the belt slipped or broken. Should be easy, pop a bunch of screws out and see. Oh, two of those screws are tamper proof and I don't have the right combination of screw head and thin wall driver to get in there. No prob, off to the hardware store. $20 for the tool? No biggie.

Next up, replace the belt. Check Amazon, a new belt is $30 in Canadiano$. Ok.

Third, the spindle in the bread pan is seized. Pry the c-clip off the bottom, remove the thinger and a doohickey, clean some gunk off. Still stiff. How do I get the whole spindle out to clean it. Do I bash it with a hammer? If I wreck it... Check Amazon, hmm a replacement pan is $40.

20 + 30 + 40 = 90

90$ ? I can get a new machine for that. As much as I hate wasting things, and like fixing things, I'm not sure spending another $70 on a 12 year old machine is worth it, especially since we don't use it a lot.

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Hello /c/adulting

Location: Overland Park, KS, United States

My wife was fired recently without warning. She has filed for unemployment and had an initial interview with the unemployment office today. They claim that her former employer told them that she was "not doing her job" but I have never heard anything from her regarding performance issues. They also claimed that they "talked to her about her performance" and she claims that they never made any attempt to correct her performance and was unaware that they were unhappy with her.

What does this mean for her eligibility for unemployment? Is there any recourse?

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I've got an old trench coat that really needs cleaned, but the tag has frayed/fallen off/lost all text, and I can't remember if it's machine washable.

In case I run into similar troubles, are there any good actionable rules to use here? Thanks!

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The arbitrary 8.5-9 hour workday drives me nuts, because a lot of the time, I really only have 3 or 4 hours worth of work to do. I generally work quickly and I value my time. Can I make a decent living doing something that gives me this kind of flexibility?

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I have 4 cats. I love them very much.

They also produce more fur than there are grains of sand in this God forsaken earth. There's fur in my clothes, food, mouse, ceiling fan, body crevices.

Help. Me.

Thread idea (lemmy.world)

Would a thread titled something like "Ask an Old" be helpful. It would not have to be old's only answering, but it may be a fun way to get more engagement.

Also the older you get the older old becomes.

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First post, probably going to screw this up, don't see how you make a title?

How do you tame scraggly beard hairs? I keep a relatively short box trim, but get these little scraggly hairs that are of a different length when I trim it, and they go off in all kinds of different directions.

Do I take scissors and clip each one, or is there some kind of treatment I should be applying to tame them?

Normally its not a big deal, but I like to apply variously colored wax on occasion and it becomes REALLY noticeable when I do.

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In many countries, toilet paper is meant to be flushed or people are used to a bidet. For a man, this could mean pretty much no reason to have a trash can near the toilet.

But if you plan on having people over, specially women as a date, have a little trash can with a plastic bag and a lid near your toilet. That's where your guest might dispose of a tampon, pad, cotton swabs, condom packaging, and similar items.

Make sure you have some toilet paper available even if you prefer a bidet, too - there are many times it could come in handy, and people might be shy to request it after using the toilet and realizing its not there.


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