Flying turtle (lemmy.world)
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You wouldn't download more RAM (media.infosec.exchange)
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I think one of the aspects I like most about 3D printing is the ability for anyone to generate what I like to call a Very Specific Object, which is an item with a purpose so niche it's a near certainty no one but the author would ever have a use for it. Ergo, it's an item that by definition doesn't exist, or rather didn't until it was created for its bespoke purpose. And the point is that it does have a functional purpose, but the more obscure the better. The beauty is that we can create such things as we see fit.

I think I achieved nirvana with this, then, given that this model has garnered precisely zero downloads on Printables. Despite the fact that at least one or two punters inevitably download any damn fool thing I post there. Not even the scraper bots want this one.


This is a clip-on end stop for the Ikea Nordkisa nightstand, in and of itself a specific enough object. It prevents the drawer from being pushed out the back, which is an aspect that while highly annoying has probably only had the chance to personally annoy a very, very small portion of the world's population.

A tale of future crime! (sh.itjust.works)
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Today, on February 28, nearly five years after Control’s initial launch, Remedy Entertainment, the team behind the Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control series, released an announcement regarding a deal between them and 505 Games, detailing a full transition to Remedy acquiring full rights to the franchise. While Remedy Entertainment previously developed the game with 505 Games having publishing, distribution, and marketing rights over Control, this latest transaction converts this authority to Remedy, giving them full rights over Control, Control 2, and their upcoming multiplayer game currently under the code Condor.

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Any pointers on how to report them?

oof (feddit.de)
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Google CEO says Gemini AI diversity errors are ‘completely unacceptable’::In an internal memo, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees that the historically inaccurate photos generated by the company’s Gemini AI were ‘completely unacceptable.’

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During Matrix FOSDEM talk it was mentioned that there is already working bridge that preserves E2EE.

EU, I belive in you!

Osprey Housekeeping (lemmy.world)
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Photos by Rich Zywiak on the Birds of Prey Facebook group.

These were taken in June of 2021, but I figured that a few of you may have never seen an Osprey flying on a broom. She took it up to the nest where it still sits. I like to imagine that she took it off of some old woman's porch but I'm not sure where she got it. Taken at Kendall Yards, Spokane, WA at the top of the Spokane River gorge. There are 2 osprey couples that have returned for the last 4 years to mate and raise their kids. I'm looking forward to seeing them soon. I really enjoy this group and the knowledge you all share with each other. This is why I love wildlife photography so much, you never know what you'll see!


Etsy sellers are turning free fanfiction into printed and bound physical books, and listing them for sale on online marketplaces for more than $100 per book. It’s a problem that’s rattling the authors of those fanfics, as well as their fans and readers.

Several sellers, easily found on Etsy and very popular, each with hundreds of five-star reviews, are selling copies of fanfiction taken from sites like Archive of Our Own (Ao3) and reselling them as bound books. The average price of these bound copies is around $149. Some sellers claim that they’re simply covering the cost of materials, while others just sell the books, usually with the fanfiction writers’ Ao3 username on the cover.


I have trouble fixing the terrible seams I'm getting. I've followed Elli's print tuning guide and calibrated extruder, tuned PA (it's now 0.035) and extrusion multiplier.

I've tried adjusting both retraction length and speed, but it doesn't seem to have much impact. I'm not using "wipe on retract" or "retract on layer change", I only retract if travel distance is longer than 3mm. Retract is 0.3mm @35mm/s.

I've tried reducing PA smooth time too, but this also doesn't seem to have a noticable impact.

I've tried reducing seam gap from the default 10% in Orca all the way down to 0%, but the bad seams persist.

I've tried with "wipe on loops" both disabled and enabled with no difference.

I've tried with both arachne and classic wall generator, no difference.

I've tried different wall orders, inner/outer, inner/outer/inner and outer/inner, all with the same bad seams.

Filament in the picture is matte PLA, it is without doubt dry and generally prints well aside from the seams. It's stored vacuum sealed with silica, and I use a filament dryer to dry if I suspect wet filament.

I'm running out of ideas for where to tweak to get a decent result.

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"Our hearts are heavy for our friends and colleagues at Open Collective Foundation with whom we shared dreams, efforts, admiration, and inspiration as we each worked to build a community of care and support."

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Authorities in Washington say grants received by the Israeli firm constitute a ‘prohibited government subsidy’


A memory of the wildest ever story just came to me and I wanna hear from everyone.

Appreciation Post (discuss.tchncs.de)

Words cannot express just how much I love the new setting to quickly toggle between light and dark mode. I am very very grateful. Thank you @aeharding@lemmy.world, this is a wonderful app.

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