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Moritz Körner, Member of the European Parliament, disclosed the decision on Twitter. Swedish publisher SVG said, “The question was removed at the last moment from Thursday’s ambassadorial meeting in Brussels”.

I knew it. (lemmy.world)

What steps can be taken when there are no seeders available for a torrent? Are there alternative websites, aside from YTS.mx and 1337x, that are reliable for discovering movies?

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Oh this one I'm excited for, especially MVC2 since it's been in legal la la land for a while until now.

Are you guys going to purchase the collection? The only thing that sucks about is the lack of crossplay which could keep long term playerbase up outside of those who play MVC games on Fightcade.

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This seems insane to me. I live in a city where maybe 50-60% of people have cars, and most don't drive them that much. Yet every grocery store I'm aware of with the sole exception of the expensive Whole Foods has a fuel rewards points program. Reasons this should be controversial enough to enable a low-cost alternative:

  1. Many people don't drive and therefore pay a little more for groceries because it includes a perk they don't use
  2. It seems like a very ardent pro-fossil fuel move that you'd think would cause some sort of negative attention from environment activists.
  3. The subsidy typically applies as an amount off per gallon, so you end up really subsidizing big vehicles with big gas tanks. Again, really makes some customers subsidize others and you'd think people (other than me) would be annoyed at this.

But yet, virtually every grocery store does this. Anyone know why? Does the fossil fuel industry somehow encourage this?

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I just don't get it... Why is that important, especially for kids now, that feel like they need to do a YouTube video asking for a date or doing some meme stuff. Some teens even hire the hottest celebrity or ask them to appear in their prom? This is so bizarre for me, all that just for a frivolous night.

In my country prom was a thing but nowhere near as theatrical, I didn't went to either my prom trip or the party. Also skipped half of my middle school trips.

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Ever since I've graduated on September 2022, I've not had a job. Maybe a crappy internship, but I wasn't provided with a 'certificate', or letter that proves if I've worked for them. That was around October 2022, and I quit voluntarily at the end of January 2023. Since then, I've not worked anywhere as a software dev, be it internship or full-time, because the job market is so fucked up in India.

Now, how do I explain this to avail scholarship? I have yet to read other scholarship docs from other countries in Europe, and I'm already shitting solidified blood-clots reading this from the DAAD Helmut-Schmidt announcement document:

a curriculum vitae in reverse chronological order including the date of issue (format: europass, please note: the europass template does not include a date, please add it yourself) with exact information about your studies and practical experience; gaps of three months or more must be explained

(Update: And I just realized that I am an idiot for not reading that this is only for non-STEM folks. Well, it looks to me that DAAD for STEM is also almost the same, with more stringent requirements.)

In my college, there was no research programs - I mean, you know the typical 'Indian colleges encouraging academic plagiarism', so I didn't learn or do shit. And obviously, I have no job experience. I did contribute to open-source from GitLab, a few Ruby gems, a new unknown front-end framework for JS, then Nixpkgs and now Guix, but that's it. Honestly, I wouldn't even call it contribution, because only a few patches were merged - most of it was just me interacting with those folks. After that, I've done nothing since September 2023, because my laptop broke and there were no spare parts. Maybe a little bit of playing around with Nix and Guix, writing package expressions and that's it.

How do I explain this? CVs are supposed to be at least 2-3 pages, but this? I can't even write half a page with this.

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The United States has approved the $360 million sale of more than 1,000 small armed drones to Taiwan, as the self-ruled island claimed by China aims to strengthen its asymmetrical warfare abilities with an eye on successful tactics used on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Taiwan will receive 720 Switchblade missiles and accompanying fire control systems worth $60.2 million, according to a release from the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) on Tuesday.

The US will also provide Taiwan with up to 291 Altius 600M loitering munitions and supporting components with a price tag of $300 million, the DSCA said.

The proposed sale comes as China increases military pressure on Taiwan, with extensive military exercises around it and almost daily warplane flights near the island.

China’s ruling Communist Party claims democratic Taiwan as its own, despite never having controlled it, and has vowed to “reunify” with the island, by force if necessary.

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If you ever wanted to read about fake druids vs. environmental activists, now's your chance.

GOG summer sale (www.gog.com)
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So I'm cleaning out a house and found a brand new Gateway2k Pentium 4 computer. Someone opened the boxes but never took the computer out, its all still in the plastic and I don't want to ruin the unboxing for someone that is into this. The computer is free to a good home in the Boston metro area to make your retro gaming dreams come true! Shoot me a message, first come, first served.

P4 Computer - Gateway 2000 model 510 - part number 2800434

17" TFT Monitor - Gateway FPD1730

Speakers - Boston Acoustics BA745

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I'm not saying the worst, otherwise I would need to include the star wars sequels or transformers movies... Just some really dumb movie that somehow got praised.

For me has to be Ready Player One. That movie message is so "uhuh" obvious that is stupid, the whole nerd that saves the world in a thing that otherwise would be useless to know in real life... The so over the top evil gaming corporation. The whole 80s and 90s movies and games references get old after half an hour... And it's so pandering towards the geeks and nerds, they really want the viewer feeling really cool for knowing that is the Shining hallway, or that is a Monty python reference... Or look a GUNDAM! YOU'RE SO COOL FOR COLLECTING THOSE GUN PLA! Look we have also overwatch and halo in the background! You're so cool modern gamer!

Also the obviously attractive "nerd" hacker girl that thinks she's ugly and deformed for having a small hard to see red tint in one side of her pretty face... Cmon man. In no universe anyone would think that actress is ugly.

And the message at the end is so hilarious: Look man, you're cool for getting these references and being a real gamer is cool, but go outside more!

Is like the creators have no self awareness.

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