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Hi all,

I'm attempting to change careers into landscape design/architecture, but I'm struggling to gain professional experience.

I've applied to 4 different job in the field, interviewed at one, but haven't had enough "professional experience" to land any of the jobs. Any tips on how to proceed? I was thinking about keeping my current job while also trying freelance for very nominal pay, but I'm not really sure how to go about that either.

For background, I've been at my current (unrelated) job for 6 years, took a community college class on AutoCAD, did a planting plan for a friend, and put together a portfolio (work in CAD, Photoshop, SketchUp, and physical media). I have some experience with plant nurseries, and a degree in biology. An in-person college architecture program is not option due to distance and expense, and I can't find any online programs. My portfolio gets compliments, but I seem to need more drafting experience.


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Greece’s concern for its own security has made it a supporter of Ukraine since the full-scale Russian invasion. The country's early support for Ukraine caused the Russian embassy in Athens to call on “very senior politicians” to “come to their senses” and “stop anti-Russian propaganda”.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Maria Zacharova called Greece’s decision to send weapons to Ukraine “deeply mistaken” and “criminal”, warning that “in the end, the weapons will be turned on civilians, including the Greeks,” a reference to 150,000 ethnic Greek Ukrainians who then lived mainly in the besieged towns of Mariupol and Odesa.

According to Dianeosis, an Athens-based think tank, about 70 percent of Greeks had a favourable view of Russia before the full-blown war in Ukraine. That fell to 50 percent after the 2022 invasion and to 30 percent last year.

Planter Head update (sh.itjust.works)
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I recently saw a comment chain about nuclear bombs, and that led me to thinking about this. Say there is a nuclear explosion in the downtown of my US city. I survive relatively fine, but obviously the main part of the city has been destroyed, while major zones extending from the center were also badly damaged. What would be a good response to (a) survive and (b) help out the recovery effort?

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I have a Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G. It comes with the painfully slow USB 2.0. I wish to transfer local music files to it, but it's taking a long time to get copied over USB connection as well as it fails in-between sometimes. Is there any way to transfer the files in a quick and reliable manner?


This was my very first 3D print on an Anycubic Photon D2. Turned out much better than I expected

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There’s this woman I work with who seems to have her accent change randomly.

Some days she sounds like a typical American accent, then others she sounds like she has a Caribbean accent and others she sounds like she has a French accent, and others she sounds like she has an Arabic accent. Other days her voice is super messed up, like she’s been screaming.

Beyond her voice changing, she is an odd person to work with. She’s gotten into public, loud vocal spats with other coworkers even in meetings. She was very nice and sweet with me when I first had to interact with her but that all changed when I made an honest mistake one time and she went off on me and wouldn’t stop until I ignored her and now I just keep my distance unless I have to. Others have said similar things about her as well.

I’ve wondered if maybe she has a personality disorder, but I would think that would also cause her to not do her job correctly?

I don’t know, I’m just curious. This is something I’ve never experienced before and wondering what this could be.


Google tried to derail a Microsoft antitrust settlement over anticompetitive software licensing in the European Union by offering a $500 million alternative deal to the group of cloud providers behind the EU complaint, Bloomberg reported.

According to Bloomberg, Google's offer to the Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE) required that the group maintain its EU antitrust complaint. It came "just days" before CISPE settled with Microsoft, and it was apparently not compelling enough to stop CISPE from inking a deal with the software giant that TechCrunch noted forced CISPE to accept several compromises.

Bloomberg uncovered Google's attempted counteroffer after reviewing confidential documents and speaking to "people familiar with the matter." Apparently, Google sought to sway CISPE with a package worth nearly $500 million for more than five years of software licenses and about $15 million in cash.

But CISPE did not take the bait, announcing last week that an agreement was reached with Microsoft, seemingly frustrating Google.

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We're happy to announce that BusKill is presenting at DEF CON 32.

What: Open Hardware Design for BusKill Cord
When: 2024-08-10 12:00 - 13:45
Where: W303 – Third Floor – LVCC West Hall

BusKill goes to DEF CON 32 (Engage)
BusKill is presenting at DEF CON 32

via @Goldfishlaser@lemmy.ml

What is BusKill?

BusKill is a laptop kill-cord. It's a USB cable with a magnetic breakaway that you attach to your body and connect to your computer.

What is BusKill? (Explainer Video)
Watch the BusKill Explainer Video for more info youtube.com/v/qPwyoD_cQR4

If the connection between you to your computer is severed, then your device will lock, shutdown, or shred its encryption keys -- thus keeping your encrypted data safe from thieves that steal your device.

What is DEF CON?

DEF CON is a yearly hacker conference in Las Vegas, USA.

DEF CON Documentary
Watch the DEF CON Documentary for more info youtube.com/watch?v=3ctQOmjQyYg

What is BusKill presenting at DEF CON?

I (goldfishlaser) will be presenting Open Hardware Design for BusKill Cord in a Demo Lab at DEF CON 32.

What: Open Hardware Design for BusKill Cord
When: Sat Aug 10 12PM – 1:45PM
Where: W303 – Third Floor – LVCC West Hall

Who: Melanie Allen (goldfishlaser) More info

Talk Description

BusKill is a Dead Man Switch triggered when a magnetic breakaway is tripped, severing a USB connection. I’ve written OpenSCAD code that creates a 3D printable file for plastic parts needed to create the magnetic breakaway. Should anyone need to adjust this design for variations of components, the code is parameterized allowing for easy customization. To assemble a BusKill Dead Man Switch cord you will need:

  1. a usb-a extension cord,
  2. a usb hard drive capable of being attached to a carabiner,
  3. a carabiner,
  4. the plastic pieces in this file,
  5. a usb female port,
  6. a usb male,
  7. 4 magnets,
  8. 4 pogo pins,
  9. 4 pogo receptors,
  10. wire,
  11. 8 screws,
  12. and BusKill software.
Image of the Golden BusKill decoupler with the case off
Golden DIY BusKill Print

Full BOM, glossary, and assembly instructions are included in the github repository. The room holds approx. 70 attendees seated. I’ll be delivering 3 x 30 min presentations – with some tailoring to what sort of audience I get each time.

Meet Me @ DEF CON

If you'd like to find me and chat, I'm also planning to attend:

  • ATL Meetup (DCG Atlanta Friday: 16:00 – 19:00 | 236),
  • Hacker Kareoke (Friday and Sat 20:00-21:00 | 222),
  • Goth Night (Friday: 21:00 – 02:00 | 322-324),
  • QueerCon Mixer (Saturday: 16:00-18:00 | Chillout 2),
  • EFF Trivia (Saturday: 17:30-21:30 | 307-308), and
  • Jack Rysider’s Masquerade (Saturday: 21:00 – 01:00 | 325-327)

I hope to print many fun trinkets for my new friends, including some BusKill keychains.

Image shows a collection of 3D-printed bottle openers and whistles that say "BusKill"
Come to my presentation @ DEF CON for some free BusKill swag

By attending DEF CON, I hope to make connections and find collaborators. I hope during the demo labs to find people who will bring fresh ideas to the project to make it more effective.

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two wolves (fedia.io)
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