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There are conditions and individual situations where the meds are crucial, but yes, I agree, the "genocide" thing was surely overblown.

And still, I can't imagine people willing to reelect him over Biden, there is just no way...

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And what do you get with Trump? Internal genocide? Once they start enforcing their anti-LGBTQ legislations you will very much be able to call it a genocide.

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Yes, it's this app, I didn't mention it because I wasn't sure if it was the one with the message.

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There's a FOSS companion app for AirPods on Android and some features are "locked" until you press "Activate" and choose "I've spent all of my money on AirPods" as a payment method.

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To put it simply, a "custom ROM" in this context means a modified version of Android. Many of these versions are based on AOSP (Android Open-Source Project), which is still maintained by Google, but is in fact open-source and doesn't include Google services. Therefore, there is a possibility to use Android phones (given you have one with unlockable bootloader) without any Google apps or account.

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It shouldn't have been a while

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Thank you for the extensive reply! This covers the question perfectly. Your comment made me realize that I am not ready to ditch some services at this point in my life. The good thing about privacy is that your decision is very rarely black or white. You can gradually flow towards more private solutions over time, giving up and replacing things you use little by little.

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Yeah, I don't get why you'rr getting downvoted, I completely agree with you. Once you've tried it, there's no coming back, that's why microG and other workarounds exist.

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I have a Pixel 7, stock Android 14. It is my only phone and I love the stock system. But I am trying to gradually ditch Google and its services, for reasons well-known in this community and Lemmy in general. How much would I gain/lose using a custom ROM with/without GApps?

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What he's talking about is probably that turning off WiFi via quick settings or whatever it's called doesn't actually turn off WiFi, you still have to proceed all the way to the settings app.

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Damn, sounds like a dream.

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It's funny how you completely missed the point. Isn't it an obvious satire portraying people who pretend to be better just because they use a specific distro?

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There are more of "us" than "them".

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