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that also works. thought users would figure that out.

[-] lemmesay@discuss.tchncs.de 1 points 11 hours ago

thanks! I'll check your curated list out.

[-] lemmesay@discuss.tchncs.de 3 points 11 hours ago

bram was a chad, mate. I once opened vim without any file(just plain vi) and saw help poor children in Uganda. read whole uganda.txt file and then saw how his organisation is fully involved in getting material benefits to the ground. further went down the rabbithole and saw his org's photos in uganda.
made me really appreciate the man.

to answer your punny question, he was ill.

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Jesus Christ. you're telling me this now?
I had heard about doom emacs, but never bothered to really look into it.
there goes my weekend.

[-] lemmesay@discuss.tchncs.de 1 points 12 hours ago

whoa, that guy is really a vim plugin artist. imma go and install it now. thanks for sharing!

I don't have much experience with zsh other than using it on office mac. but will try it anyway.

[-] lemmesay@discuss.tchncs.de 1 points 12 hours ago

oh, I didn't do any searching with new design. I extensively use search. it'd be bad if they break it. true for colours. their own colour scheme makes text difficult to read.
but I use custom colour scheme(Dracula theme), so have been spared of that.

seems like every year someone has to "redesign".

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wanna bet how long til I switch to Emacs :p

[-] lemmesay@discuss.tchncs.de 2 points 12 hours ago

vim's shortcuts like these are giving me 'gasms and regret(that I wasted so many collective hours using Ctrl + arrow/mouse over this). it's a weird feeling.

and yeah, you never learn vim. you just learn it enough.

[-] lemmesay@discuss.tchncs.de 2 points 12 hours ago

I tried it twice. it require enabling affinity support, which causes vscodium to freezes after an hour of use. might be an issue just on my machine, but it made be use just nvim :)

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explanation for the command ci":
c: change. analogous to delete(d) followed by insert(i)
i: inside
": the double quote
so, it's basically change inside double quote(easier to remember as it sounds exactly what it does).
you can similarly do di((delete inside parenthesis).

an inferior alternative on vscodium would be shift + alt + right/left arrow

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wow, good to know that there are still terminal-based text editors being developed.

I'll surely try it.

I love vim (discuss.tchncs.de)

I am a vscodium user who has begun to get increasingly frustrated over lack of commands to do some simple things.
So, as a longtime GNU/Linux user, who only knew basic commands to survive in vim, I decided to change my habits.
installed flavours of neovim(lunarvim, nvchad, and astronvim, in that order) and started tinerking. then switched to kick start.nvim.
on Android, I'm using plain neovim since there seems to be some missing lib for mason, the neovim package manager.
passing away of Bram Moolenaar has made me accelerate faster towards the day where my machine would be clean of any electron bloat.

I'm still very much a novice, and continue using codium in office, but I am committed to using neovim as I believe it's truly a great editor(second to Emacs, of course).

image transcription:
famous still of Nicholas cage with his eyes closed, smiling as his hair flow.
above it is the text that reads, 'learning about ci" in vim.'

copium28 (discuss.tchncs.de)

link to article: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/28/climate/uae-cop28-documents-al-jaber.html
don't forget to have your ad-blockers and anti ad-blocker scripts on. if you can't, disable JavaScript for the website.

image transcription:

meme has two parts. upper and lower.
on upper part is a screenshot of an article's title(by new york times) that reads:

Files Suggest Climate Summit’s Leader Is Using Event to Promote Fossil Fuels
A leaked document has talking points for the president of the United Nations climate conference, who is an oil executive in the United Arab Emirates, to advance oil and gas deals.

on bottom part is Pepe the Frog^1^ inhaling from an oxygen tank labelled "copium", aka the copium meme^2^.
accompanied to pepe is the text, "it's over, Bros."
and behind pepe is faded logo of cop28 summit.

1: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/pepe-the-frog
2: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/copium

sigma star (discuss.tchncs.de)

image transcription:

an image incorporating two famous memes. on top is the title "learning about Σ* in theory of computation."

in the centre is a close-up of Chad face – often used when talking about sigma males – cropped in a five-pointed star shape.

below are two soyjaks pointing towards the aforementioned Chad face. those soyjaks are labeled "me" and "my brain".

what's your ubuntu? (discuss.tchncs.de)

Other day I was listening to piso 21 – a Colombian music group – on my Ubuntu, and their Ubuntu album came to queue. Seeing this album cover inspired me to make this meme. hope you all like it.

there are a lot of orange, blue and, purple distros which I couldn't include. so, sorry for that.

distro names:

  1. red: edubuntu, armbian
  2. yellow: ubuntu kylin, linux lite, ubports, voyager
  3. bodhi linux, linux mint, ubuntu mate
  4. pop os, (I forgot this bird one), KDE neon, zorin os

image transcription:
cover image of piso 21's ubuntu album, which has four singers in four quadrants. each quadrant has a coloured brush streak. from top clockwise: red, yellow, blue, green. superimposed on them are logos of various ubuntu-based distros/flavours, according to their colours.

proprietary services be like (discuss.tchncs.de)

was looking for a GUI video editor on Android, and couldn't find an open source one, so downloaded a proprietary apk(powerdirector).
was greeted with this as soon as I installed an opened it.

deleted it that very instant. will stick to ffmpeg on termux.

image below is from david revoy's mastodon post.

image transcription:
meme has two images. upper one is a cropped screenshot from an app that reads, "to protect your rights to privacy, please accept the privacy policy and terms of use to continue."

lower one is an image of pepper from pepper&carrot with one of her hand in air, eyes lit up and mouth agape. superimposed on very bottom is a text that reads, "Hmm, what a logic."

submitted 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago) by lemmesay@discuss.tchncs.de to c/memes@lemmy.ml

official announcement here: https://openai.com/blog/openai-announces-leadership-transition

image transcription:
announcement's title "openai announces leadership transition" is at the top, with surprised pikachu face at bottom. on top of pikachu, text reads, "not even Sam could prevent losing his job to AI."

comment taken from this video


I wonder how did Microsoft come up with this suggestion.

submitted 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago) by lemmesay@discuss.tchncs.de to c/linuxmemes@lemmy.world

a rare Unix timestamp occurred yesterday.
next one (1_800_000_000) will be in 2027.

edit: seems like Lemmy doesn't like video links in pictures field. so pasted it below.

video recording the moment in terminal


image transcription:
a YouTube screenshot of a community post, which is a meme regarding incognito mode. it has two panels with an animated figure(person) and chrome logo (chrome) with limbs. in first panel, chrome is asking "which website would you line to see?", to which the person replies " I don't want you to know. " in second panel, chrome has become a ventriloquist, holding a masked muppet with sunglasses and a fedora(symbol for incognito on chrome). it is asking the person "what about telling Mr. incognito?", to which the person joyfully replies "okay."

the screenshot has a main comment with several replies. the main comment(by Paula_Amato) reads, "And then there's Tor browser e CD Catching my brother Scrolling through Tor was the second worst secret I know about him... The first is the website he was using."

replies to the comment:

[30 Pranay Pawar • 1 day ago] May God bless and have mercy on the bro's life. I would knock myself out for eternity if anybody i know found that out too.
[FArid ch. • 1 day ago] what onion website your brother access... out of curiosity
[Griffin McKenzie • 1 day ago (edited)] Tor is literally just a browser like any other but better.

Crash reporting (discuss.tchncs.de)

Image transcription:

it's a swole doge vs cheems meme

on swole doge side, there are two popups: kCrash and Ubuntu apport. Both have options to see detailed logs and an optional button to send report to developers, along with options to close the popup.
accompanied is a text that reads "Here's the information. What do you wish to do?"

on crying cheems side, there's popup for windows and mac. windows has just a cancel button with report being sent already. mac has ignore and report button. there is no option to see logs without reporting on both. here, accompanied text reads, "let's add this to the personally identifiable information we have on you."


more info here: https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2023/11/01/is-your-extension-ready-for-firefox-for-android/

earlier, we could use extensions(except for 7-8 highly poplar ones) with an account containing add-ons collection(in nightly versions). But now it's coming to beta and stable as well.

image transcription:
collage of Mr bean waiting in the field with the text "Me waiting for more extensions in Firefox for Android."
below is another Mr bean image, this time excited, sitting in a plane with the text that reads "they are arriving in version 120."


I find it a fitting quote(or verse? idk what the terminology is).

Taken from allegedly the last video shot by Terry before his demise.

piped link: https://piped.video/watch?v=oH41gGBVpkE

A screenshot from the aforementioned YouTube video in which Terry A. Davis is smiling at the camera, and a comment below reads:

"So in my anger I gave you a king, and in my wrath I took him away."
- Hosea 13:11

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