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Turning the global conflict meter and looking back at the audience like a contestant on the price is right

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Yeah, but please don't say that too much, we don't want to carry water for the CCP

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This isn't even an anticapitalist text dump on my part, just basic US history and sociology. If you're drawing anti capitalist conclusions from it, that's on you.

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The New People's Army, a socialist guerilla force in the Phillipines fighting against the Marcos-Duterte regime and for democracy, land reform, indigenous sovereignty, gay rights and worker control of the economy.

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It's both. Disney is a strong brand and going after it feels like an attack to people with strong positive associations. DeSantis lost the Disney adult vote and that's got to be whole portions of a percent of his base.

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Well, what AMLO did sounds borderline fascist. Maybe the Klan is a necessary evil? We'd better flood Mexico with weapons and then refuse to negotiate a surrender and hope that improves the situation.

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It's worth looking at how that environment is produced too. There's a need for cheap labor in agriculture, laundry, hospitality and textile industries that dovetails well with the US's history of anti-mexican racism (grounded in the need to dehumanizing indigenous people to steal their land as well as the US-Mexico war).

By controlling people's movement through the border regime, we can make them willing to take sub-minimum wage jobs, while also keeping Mexico poor through lopsided trade agreements like NAFTA and low level insurgency achieved by escalating the drug war and flooding the country with weapons.

In this context of US oppression of Mexicans, it becomes necessary to dehumanize them to justify the violence. This is where fox news comes in. Hell, even CNN plays a role by creating categories of migrants some good and some bad, and playing them against each other while justifying border control (think about the rhetoric about dreamers vs drug smugglers).

To change this environment, we either need to undercut this propaganda by organizing white and brown workers together, or either take back control of media from big business or make our own media with similar reach.

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Honestly, I liked that they followed electoral politics, helping me fulfill my sick, taboo desires.

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correct opinions

Smh fucking liberal

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You failed the order following test.

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Something that feels illegal but you can buy it in a gas station.

Super excited that my box of whippits just federated with your kratom

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We're at the stage in humor where instead of telling jokes, we're conditioning ourselves to laugh at an increasingly horrifying reality.

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